Meaning of Celtic symbols, fountains and springs.

Water in all its manifestations fascinated the Celts: an entire universe of myths, rituals and symbols surrounding seas, lakes, rivers, fountains, springs and swamps.
Celtic In Europe from the Bronze Age onwards, votive offerings were deposited in lakes, rivers and marshes, hence the custom of throwing a coin into the well of the "desires".

The gushing water especially if spontaneous gushing from the ground, testified for the Celts the work of supernatural forces, so that near these sources sprang from many healing sanctuaries (think twice before claiming to be "Observant Catholics, great believers" when you go to visit sites such as the Madonna of Lourde ... because you're doing something pagan).

The water gushing from the earth was also treated as a form of contact with the afterlife.

Meaning of Celtic symbols, fountains and springs.

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