Symbols Celtic Extreme Sacrifice



The details of the most bloody sacrifices practiced by the Celts come mostly from the classical authors, eg Lucan tells of a sacred grove in the Marseilles region where every tree was stained with the blood of the victims.

Anglesey, according to Tacitus, there were clearings with gross altar of the horrible remnants of the murderous ceremonies of the druids - it is interesting to note that, today, practitioners of disciplines related to the druids, priests think that they were "wise, good, holy," but just because they are ignorant because they are left to darken the New advertising Age, which has always done a lot (pass the word) cool .. -: Favorite among the methods of human sacrifice was the burning of the victim, trapped alive in a huge wicker cage.

If every kind of animal could be sacrificed, the favorites were apparently wild boars, which at certain rites were sometimes burned alive ..

Yet the sacrifice - the ultimate metamorphosis that marked the passage from life to death - a prelude to an immediate rebirth in the timeless realm of the underworld, which in those days, was not what the Catholic Church has described.

Symbols Celtic Extreme Sacrifice

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