Tara the Mother of all Buddhas

Tara the Mother of all Buddhas

In the universe there is comparable to the mother goddess Tara, the emanation of enlightened miraculous acts of all the Buddhas and transcendent past, present and future. Tara is the wise mother of all Buddhas, manifests in the peaceful and wrathful forms and takes on different colors: red, black, white, gold, yellow, orange and green.

The most known is the Tara Green Tara from which emanate the 21 in as many different aspects, each with their own mantra and its miraculous power. You can pray for each type of mother Tara invocation because she is the last relief of all those who seek help, comfort and a solution to their problems, is the one to which you can apply when there is no other, and thanks to His blessings on the path to enlightenment becomes much easier and straightforward.
It 's been written about this amazing goddess who occupies a larger place in the hearts of the Buddhists. Taking refuge in her, simply enter in the mudra of his right hand, which provides shelter, anyone in need of its protection is immediate protection from fear.

The mantra of Green Tara, OM TARE TURE TUTTARE Svaha, is known as the esasillabo of Avalokitesvara Om Mani Padme Hum. Tara is said to have emerged from the lake of tears compassionate Avalokitesvara, the instant of its birth to the cosmos, thus became the essence of compassion, voted to eliminate the suffering of all sentient beings and lead them to enlightenment, she has Thus the manifestation of acts liberators of all Buddhas.

Tara belongs to two families of Buddha is the wife of the cosmic Buddha Amoghasiddhi North, but green is the daughter of Avalokitesvara and therefore belongs to the Lotus family of Amitabha. His name is Drolma in Tibetan, means savior.

The origin of the mother of the Tathagata or Buddha's mother belongs to the tradition indiana.Il his cult spread to Tibet by the great Indian scholar Lama Atisha (982-1054) his most devoted follower, the effect of which the goddess is communicated to all spontaneously those with whom he came in contact. The charm of Tara is largely due to the rapid esaudirsi his blessings because she is the heroine fast, just like his praise begin:
"Homage to Tara, heroin, speed ...".
Tara offers a way to quickly reach the wisdom and enlightenment. The request by the initiation of a high lama lineage allows you to practice the worship of this Buddha.
To learn the technique of homage to Tara go to the link "Buddhist meditative techniques"

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