OFFERS TO Jambhala

OFFERS TO Jambhala

Jambhala offers

Another ritual practice that is beneficial to have the offers of water daily to Jambhala performed while reciting mantras. You can bid to Jambhala White, Yellow and Black together or individually by pouring water over their head or the stomach in the case of Black Jambhala

As always, every ritual practice must begin with the expression of a sincere and strong motivation that consists in taking refuge in the generation of bodhichitta and in turn their thoughts to the four immeasurable minds. Doing the ritual, you should not simply aspire to wealth, but the well-being that allows you to be generous and to follow the spiritual path for the good of all beings.

The student thinks, "My purpose in life is to liberate all sentient beings from suffering and allow them to attain enlightenment for this I have to get myself the perfect Buddhahood." To enhance the effect of the ritual you go through the mind of the suffering and experiences of each reign, possibly thinking of the real pain of people who are known to give greater intensity and effectiveness to the feeling of compassion.
The practitioner thinks so: "I have to reach enlightenment to help those who suffer. For this I make offerings of water to the water and offers Jambhala preta ".
Here are the two phases of the rite.

"I offer this water to the saint's body Jambhala who rides the dragon. His body is white. His right hand holds a trident, left a club. He is surrounded by the four dakini (female deities) one for each cardinal point. "

The practitioner thinks these sentences as he pours water on the head of Jambhala White with his right hand and snaps his fingers of his left hand over your heart, then recites the mantra:


The mantra is repeated 7 or 21 times, or more than that, the most important thing is to visualize the root guru-like Jambhala, imagining that the mouth of the dragon bait abundance of wish-granting jewels. The water on the head brings great relief and joy to Jambhala.


The student displays the seed syllable Jam becoming the Jambhala Yellow and thinks:
"By offering the holy water that purifies the body, all pain subsides, Jambhala is fully gratified and try great joy. Please Jambhala grant all its achievements and the satisfaction of needs for which I call ".

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