Vajrasattva Buddha white Purification

The Buddha Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification, is a figure full of great beauty, esoterica, surrounded by a fascinating aura of mystery: her body in white alludes supreme essence of all Buddhas, he is a cosmic Buddha is depicted only be intimately united to his wife.

It 'appears as a celestial Buddha with a crown studded with precious stones, and around the head, an aura of light of five colors, red, blue, yellow, green and white, which symbolizes the union of the five Dhyani Tathagata which he personifies all wisdom.

Vajrasattva sits serene in the position of the diamond, his right hand holds a vajra to the heart, symbol of his effective means, while his left hand holds a bell, the handle vajra, a symbol of wisdom, resting on the thigh near the next.
It is sometimes depicted with both hands crossed over their hearts: the two symbols of Vajrasattva, lightning, and the bell, are like Yin and Yang principles of the experience of enlightenment, the union of method and wisdom, compassion and emptiness.

The purification practice of Vajrasattva is a powerful and effective, and his sadhana, meditation or visualization, can fit easily into daily life simply as a means to place themselves in communication with one's inner nature.
Without purification Vajrasattva is as if vagassimo lost to the world, alone and poor, when in fact we are extremely rich. The one hundred syllable mantra of Vajrasattva makes available the richness of spirit within us, the practice of his sadhana and recitation of his mantra twenty-four times a day can purify the negative karma accumulated over long periods. The mantra is recited in the daily practices of purification of the followers of Mahayana Buddhism and Tantric Buddhism.

Before taking up the fast path to enlightenment, the path of the diamond of Tantric Buddhism, must complete four preliminary practices one of which is to recite the mantra of Vajrasattva hundred thousand times.
It 'a commitment that takes about three months during a retreat for those who faithfully observe four daily sessions, otherwise it can take an entire year: the ninth, there is no reason to rush.
For further details see the link "Buddhist meditation techniques."

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