THE BUDDHA Vairochana (White)

Buddha Vairochana

Buddha Vairochana

The mandala of Buddha Vairochana who is white, is generally in the eastern kingdom, but sometimes in the middle, his name is very light or very sunny.

A Vairochana is associated with the Dharmachakra mudra, which is the ritual act of teaching or the spin of the wheel: he keeps both hands at chest level with your left hand facing inward, the thumb and forefinger of both hands touching forming a circle.

Its symbol is the golden wheel, alluding to the benevolent kingship: the element of this Tathagata is water and its chakra is the crown.

Vairochana family belongs to the Vajra or diamond scepter (thunderbolt) is a powerful symbol of its sovereignty: with qualities of durability of the diamond, can overcome whatever stands in the way of his path, because he helps to overcome the affliction of ignorance which is the root of Samsara.

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