The Medicine Buddha looks very similar to that of Sakyamuni Buddha, but it is distinguished by two important details: the first is about the color of the body that is gilded Sakyamuni and a deep blue lapis lazuli in the Medicine Buddha.

The second issue is the mudra of the hands, in fact, while Sakyamuni with his right hand makes the gesture of touching the earth, the Buddha of Medicine presents the mudra of the gift with the palm facing out to show the sign of the wheel. Both hold a bowl in his left, but while that of Sakyamuni is the beggar's bowl, the Medicine Buddha contains the nectar of herbs and healing substances.

The Medicine Buddha is so powerful that you just hear her say the name, Bhaishajyaguru and recite the mantra for not being born again in the lower realms. To say it was the Buddha Sakyamuni in the presence of his aide Ananda. The Buddha said that even animals who hear Medicine Buddha's name will never be reborn in hell, and this regardless of whether or not they have faith in the Buddha.

When a person who is dear to us is at death's the best thing we can do is pray aloud in his ear the names of the seven Medicine Buddhas, or record a tape or CD and make her listen again.
Even comatose patients may react to the sound of this mantra magic with this simple act can save that person the sufferings of the lower realms for many eons, as if it were to fail and die, the insured that the Buddha will take care of her .

The Medicine Buddha grants benefits cosmic, transcendental to all lives, past, present and future. Through her devotion to his meditation, he heals all diseases of this life and the future, it also enhances the positivity of the Renaissance with the ability to continue to practice the Dharma and to progress in the spiritual journey.
The healing power and the power to save the beings of the lower realms that belong to the Medicine Buddha, derived from his supreme compassion for all living beings. It is said that once when he was a Bodhisattva, the Buddha of Medicine, he played with great passion many prayers and consecrations that his name alone was enough to make the wishes and to give happiness and that when it was lit, all the devotees who were turned he saw their prayers answered.
Simply sing his name is already a source of illumination, and an easy way to free ourselves and help others.

For the practice of Medicine Buddha go to the link of Buddhist meditation techniques

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