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The spirit world is "haunted" by various beings of different origin, here I will try to present the main, because the list would be long and complicated, though most of them belong to those who enunciate.

The world of LARVAE

The larvae are beings who have been trained, over the millennia, with thoughts and emotions human beings or animals through the secondment of protoplasmic energy aura that matches the emotional body and, in fact, change the "color" with the change of feelings or thoughts experienced by person: if you have feelings or ideas particularly strong type hatred, love morbid ideas alienating it will create a kind of "bump" in the aura that can come loose and become self exists: at this point, there will be born a new larva, which will search for an emotion or idea similar to the one that will be formed to feed on energy, vampirizzando a living being, and so survive, more lungo.Se the larva becomes self-conscious, begins to behave like a human, while maintaining a psychological structure the same as the person who created voluntarily or not, and this is kind of beings who will meet in seances, not the spirits of the dead, for which it is necessary to evaluate various aspects of their death to be able in order to evoke.
If a larva becomes very powerful, it can flow to feed on other larvae, the principle equal to her energy, then change to feed on other larvae but weak, fagocitandole, and at this point it will become what is called a "demon" in Catholic culture or in Hebrew.

The world of DEAD

The spirits of the dead roam among the living all the time that requires the decomposition of the physical body in the tomb, so if we want to call us a person who died a century ago, it would be ridiculous and ignorant to think that the one with which we will discuss, is really the person you are calling, but almost certainly it will be a ghost who tries to deceive us energy to escape.

In the first year after departure, the dead can be heard or seen, by people who are particularly sensitive, or your third eye open, by family members with whom he had a special bond provided that this will not affect the life of the family, in this case nothing will happen after the first year, usually (because there are special cases), it becomes increasingly difficult to sense the proximity of the deceased or his messages, except in a dream, because the soul spends time to clean from material and generated feelings and unresolved life.
When the cleaning was done, the soul is freed of the astral body and remains with the spiritual, hence decide whether reincarnate immediately or wait for someone dear.

The world of MESSENGERS

Are higher entities who have spent some of them the problem of reincarnation and have decided not to return to incarnate on earth or elsewhere, but they can still do so if they wish, or never incarnated beings who work with the energy we know as car authoring God, but that is not really describe it as the "sacred texts" of various traditions, since it is not quantifiable, describable, attachable to anything with words and even thought it is not the so-called "Universal Love" because it is a mental error humans, since it has no terms that can be interpreted, it is a power that has always existed ... it will go on as well because it would reveal information that is too sensitive to those who did not start.

These entities can be surveyed with great difficulty, because they are too "high" compared to the human being, and you could not communicate properly from here all the errors of interpretation of the so-called prophets and sages who, by communicating with some higher spirits, reported in human language what they had received, but they were not understood correctly, then created the religious wars a bit 'as would happen between a Chinese and a native of Palermo: they can understand each other with gestures to a certain point, but they will never understand what one says to the other, at least not completely.


Among the Spirits include "gnomes, elves, online, salamanders," and beings are formed in the course of millions of years on earth as the unicellular and multicellular were developed and grew.

The spirits are primitive forces and beings, but with great wisdom often in the areas to which they belong (eg a gnome will know perfectly the element earth, and be taught how do crystals, precious stones, where they are, as help plants to grow lush and feel good, or even to develop the mindset of managers or seller to grow economically in our society) then, in the past, have been used to increase their knowledge, or even to work "dirty" how to delete someone or harm it, or to do good as healing the sick, because they do not know the difference between good and evil, at least not how they taught us.

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