Techniques to exit body

out of body experience


Technical target:

And 'one of the most effective, but need a little' patience because it requires great concentration and is not among the simplest. Choose three goals within your home, you are in a different room than where you're exercising. For example, if you're practicing in your bedroom, you can take objectives are three objects that are in the kitchen or living room, it is important that the three objects are located not too far from each other and in the same room. Must be physical objects that you can view them easily. The first objective can be your favorite chair or a sofa, the second objective is to be a gift that embraces a special remembrance can be for example a souvenir of a trip did last summer, or a gift to a person dear. The third objective is to be an object of great visual impact, such as a statue or a picture that you like. Before performing the technique, it is good to memorize every single detail of the object, so before practice looks good items that you selected and memorizzane every detail. When you're ready, after you properly relaxed, imagine that you find yourself in front of those objects, approached them and scrutane every detail. Look at them carefully, you will seem real. You fall asleep while you continue to see the three objects.

Technique of repetition

You sleep by relaxing the body as I wrote previously, the pupils of the eyes and resting your every muscle. While you relax starts to repeat the statements such as "now I am leaving the body", "now I make an astral journey" ... You have to choose a phrase that is motivating for you. Repeat the affirmation "now I am leaving the body" (or something similar) to sleep. The intention to leave the body must be the last conscious thought.

Sound technical

Have you ever tried to listen to the sound of silence? It may seem like a philosophical statement, it is actually a very practical thing. When you lie down in the evening, everything around you is silent, all is still, everyone is asleep, watch out for your ears, focus on them and you can hear the noise that is in it. It 'a noise like a whistle, focused on the sound while you relax. After about 3 minutes you will see how the whistle has increased its intensity. In fact your concentration towards the sound that has made your mind perceives as "more intense." Continues to focus on the sound, do not forget to relax while you do it. Concentrated until the sound does not become very strong. Imagine being able to "boost" to your liking, if you can achieve relaxation while continuing to focus on the sound, there are good chances of having an OBE.

Technical countdown

Breathe deeply until you are completely relaxed. Mentally repeat phrases like, "Now I will count down. When I arrive to 0 will go out from my body. " When you're ready to start counting from a number that can range from 30 to 50. If this is your first time I suggest you to start from 50. Between a number and 'another inhale and exhale very slowly. Inspira. Exhale 50. Inspira. Exhale 49. Inspira. Exhale 48. Inspira. Exhale 47. ... And so on. The closer you get to 0 the more your body is relaxed, mentally repeat from time to time the phrase "I'm getting closer and closer to the moment of separation." 0 as a minimum you should come to feel the vibrations. If nothing happens, it means you're not relaxed enough. Restart the exercise starting from a lower number, for example 20. If you're not relaxed enough and / or concentrate may be that even at the second attempt anything happen. Do not panic, as I have already said failure is necessary for success, riproverai tomorrow. Remember that breathing should be gentle, natural, and not forced.

Technique of awakening

This technique is a kind of "shortcut" to have an OBE. Basically it is the technique of repetition with a little "trick" that can simplify practical release. The disadvantage of this technique is that it destroys the normal sleep cycle, so the board only after trying unsuccessfully at least another technique, and in any case should never become his usual technique to have an out of body . Basically, use it occasionally if you really hurry to forge ahead (which, I repeat, do not recommend) or you want to make your first astral travel without having to exercise for days. The technique is to wake up during sleep and then go back to bed and apply the technique of claims. You have to put the alarm at about 4 and a half hours after you went to sleep. For example, if you go to bed at 11:30 you have to set the alarm clock at 4:00 in the morning. Then get up, go to drink a glass of water and stay awake for about ten / fifteen minutes. Do not eat or exercise. Do not watch TV or read, in other words, you must not do anything that requires energy expenditure.

When are you coming to bed just follow the same principle as always, trying to numb the body with the mind remains awake. Repeat within yourself phrases like "now I go out of body", "now I make an astral journey." This way you should easily do that, in case of failure you fall asleep and it is likely that you have a lucid dream. A lucid dream is nothing more than an ordinary dream in which you realize you are in a dream. If you've never had this kind of experience, which is quite common, I've definitely got it. The lucid dream in itself is nothing to shout about but can exploit their own to make a spiritual journey. It's all about being aware that you are dreaming, this is a lucid dream. If you can not miss this opportunity. At that moment you are the master of your dream, you can modify it as you like and do whatever you want. Well you can even try to apply yourself to astral travel, you just think you want to do and you will automatically be projected outside of your body, then the dream will end and you'll be out of the body.

Technique of the black tunnel

This technique requires that there be total darkness, so it is not suitable if you want to try in the morning or during the day. If you intend to apply yourself to it, make sure it does not enter the minimum beam of light in the room, especially there should be no sources of light in front of your eyes. While you relax you must cancel your thoughts and focus on black in front of you. What is black? Just what you see when your eyes are closed. It 'a completely blank black, imagine that you "get" in this immense void. As if it were a dark tunnel, with no shades, you have to "sail on" inside with the intention of covering it. Do not distract even a moment's attention, continues to climb it until you realize you find you completely in this endless void. Continue to climb it and repeat the phrase "now I leave the body." Generally, this technique is very effective but requires a lot of concentration because you just get distracted for a second having to start all over again.

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