Occult Arts and FAQs


Occult Arts and FAQs

I will try, wherever possible, to present a list of questions leading to answers that come to me more often, so as to help those who still have doubts.

Practicing the occult arts is blasphemous or dangerous?

So, I state that anything you do not have enough experience or knowledge is dangerous, here we go even deeper, especially cone problems that can range from simple physical distress, mental dissociation and madness, but there is nothing that if we execute the techniques to the study, in the correct manner and without hurry, we can be sufficiently assured that nothing bad happens.

As far as being blasphemous, I find much more blasphemous that the hypocrisy respectable beings remain alive when death itself has already chosen them, just to stuff the coffers of the doctors, and also creating guilt unnecessary in the family forced to care for the sick (I speak only of people in a coma for years, we keep in mind that if a person remains in a vegetative state for more depth of 6 months or so, but here are to assess the various cases, if the subject is awaken, would be reduced to little more than vegetable).
However, everyone decides to do what you want assuming all responsibility, but even if someone asks a question like that, it would approach certain issues.

If a larva attacks me and wants to leave, I can do something?

If we allowed a larva arrecarci problems, probably, were energetically weak, or we made some mistakes, but in most cases you can still be handled by techniques of purification of the person and the place where he lives.
Unlike speech is whether a novice occultist called a larval demonic entity on its own initiative, in that case there becomes very difficult for anyone to help the "victim" ... may already be too late.

Everything goes wrong for me when I began studying the occult, I can do something?

You can see if you're limited to study, so without practice, you may have a weak energy to be considered in deciding whether you continue studying cone small steps, or must you stay away from such arguments, even at the conceptual level, as this I still create a hazard where vai beings to attract vampires only damage you inflict.
But if you have practiced some techniques need to see what you did wrong and how you can fix that, but it would be necessary to fully explain to me or someone who knows the same things, to understand how to act to improve the situation.
But there is a third possibility: the occult interessandoti you have activated your Karma, which, to groom themselves, would have generated a series of negative events acts to relieve you to continue your spiritual search, without too many hitches, in which case you should to be patient to allow the Universal Law, to do his job.

If name is an entity (either benign or malignant) I run the same risks:

Dispelling the misconception that once an angel, if invoked, can not kill just as would a demon .. are all nonsense, why would not "him" to physically eliminate the caster, but some error in technique by the practitioner, but we do A practical example: if I evoke an angel, whoever he is, I conjure in my reality, but this requires an immense psychic energy.

If you inadvertently breached the circle that I use, I might die of a heart attack just as would happen if I touched the high voltage, or if I missed badly compared to the angel (I repeat never prove below) simply disappear from my office evocative, but I could scold with accidents, illnesses, or making me lose all my possessions, all to teach me how to do things well, not out of malice.
A demon does not kill it "evil" but because it is a demon, is his nature, and if I'm not going to disturb him, he will not notice me.

Expensive devices are necessary for practicing the occult?

Here the answer is difficult: it depends on what one wants to do and the aims it has set.
If one wants to practice occult magic evocative, the answer is yes, because the tradition of necessity and very expensive materials as hard to find, but if you intend or similar shamanic activities, it is not expensive but still requires personal commitment (not it is said that because something is cheap is cheap and vice versa).

We must seek to enter the initiatory circles of practice?

Depends on the person, by his needs and what you want, but in general, years of serious commitment, give all the initiations you need: life is a great teacher initiation.
If you prefer the most convenient way - since there are already many things ready - I repeat no easy easy, you can opt for an initiation, but there is always the danger of falling under the hands of a thief and swindler.

How do I find books I need to study the occult?

I can say that today is easier than it did 20 years ago, though most of them you can find free on the internet - at least if you know English is better - but if you want the paper, you should make a loan because, as niche books, are expensive, and you will often find more than someone who does not say that nothing we are told to treat.
Be patient, look where they do not believe you would find, and study foreign languages as you can, because there will be very useful.

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