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Obe Doubling with the use of pyramid

Another method is to again through the use of a scale model of the Pyramid of Cheops. The pyramid is one of the forms of selfic-based, not surprisingly, great monuments of antiquity, when the relationship between shapes, colors, materials and subtle energies was known and applied, were built like pyramids: the Egyptian, those of South America, the Babylonian ziggurat, built to come at the synchronic lines. The form itself is designed to capture and transform energy very large, which can help the man, apart from the ritual uses that it did in ancient times, to have flashes of insight, to expand the sense of self.

It is known that objects, inserted within any pyramid built home, mummificano, dehydrate; that is known to blades, placed in the right place, the wire is continuously rebuilt. Obviously, there is an energy outside the norm, accumulated from the solid itself, and this activity may also be used for exercises psychophysical regeneration, or, to be precise, to travel in the astral. In this figure the two systems is applicable to both systems is necessary to build a scale model of the Pyramid of Cheops. Your pyramid can be wood, metal, cardboard, subject to the proportions, it does not matter the size of which will, as the energies that catalyzes respond to the connection between forms and their measures, it is necessary that they comply with the proportions between the sides, base, height.

As will be obvious by studying the two techniques, in the first case, the pyramid will have to be large enough to contain the body of the experimenter, while in the second the size has no importance, in both cases, the pyramid will have to be oriented with the wall on the axis north-south. First system: you lie down inside the pyramid itself, if it is not large enough to contain you at all, it is important that at least the head, chest and abdomen are inside the solid. At this point, the procedures for the split does not change with respect to those we have already seen, but being in this kind of self allows a better tune and then a more complete exploitation of the subtle energies around the body.

From time to time, among other things, you will find the best position, under the pyramid and then, with the help of pillows, place more or less high, in fact, not all the points of the solid work with the same intensity , as well as in the Great Pyramid every room is situated in a particular spot, depending on the use it was. Second system: the pyramid hanging from the ceiling, upside down immaginiamone projection. The focal point or focus of the lens, is that corresponding to the tip of the tongue, that's where all the energies are channeled conducive to the exit from the body, and it is there that always correctly oriented, and we will carry out the various phases sdraieremo travel.
This position is even better than the other, because the energy comes more directly, in both cases, it may be a cry for help from the Book of the Dead Egyptian, to be repeated in my mind: "For the controlled output from the body of my spirit. "

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