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 How To Have A Obe

An ordinary person can see, normally, the other men, only physical fitness and if it lacks a certain esoteric knowledge, acquired through study and intuition, certainly can not assume that human beings can be divided into two vital parts, one physical and the other immaterial. In truth, the distinction between the physical and the immaterial, so simply expressed, is quite approximate, because the thin, in fact immaterial, is divided again in various energy bodies, and then we could talk about astral, etheric of, mental and so on until the soul, the ultimate essence that continues its evolution from individual to individual reincarnation. As we have done with regard to the distinction between the different planes of existence, we limit ourselves here as a convenience to consider the physical reality and the reality is subtler, with their bodies, without going into too much depth that would complicate this text, which is intended as sliding and of practical use.

We report still only the concept of aura: it is the halo, roughly oval in shape, the subtle bodies to draw around the body of each. The material body of every man, in other words, is in of this energy body, is surrounded and, in some ways, this makes his first defense and his first perceptions. Usually the man, discovering this dual reality, hardly agrees, though only as a hypothesis, the existence of a second body, not physical: the astral body. Even more so with difficulty, can not conceive that, under certain conditions, can consciously detach from the physical body. The splitting is a phenomenon that must be programmed with a certain amount of attention over time.

Imagine that some of you come off this body will have some kind of feelings you experience while relaxing in his sleep, especially if you are very tired (and more tired you are, the more possible that this occurs): the sudden came up,  the idea of going under the direction of vibration sensation of falling as if the bed was not there, or to go out or to have the output side. Generally lasts a moment, characterized by the sensation of falling into the void, then you are again, maybe, in a different position from that in which you would have thought to be. Generally, certain feelings that come during the dream show their instinctive doublings, suddenly stopped and came back for some reason. As well as, just as often, in the dream astral travel is performed completely. As we have already said, every human being in the course of their lives, can experience the splitting during sleep, so unconsciously.

In general, the splitting occurs more easily in a state of consciousness is not awake, or in a state of unconsciousness during anesthesia. Can occur with relative ease during surgery, when the physiological state of an individual is very weak, with a very low pressure and the placing on the body of toxic substances, for the purpose anesthetics, which cause a numbness artificial. There are known cases of people able to describe to the thread and sign the works carried out - there are several books that collect these experiences - which have assisted in splitting, waving to the operating room, usually anchored to the chandelier that illuminates the intervention .

A particular sensitivity to anesthesia - anesthesia or particularly violent - may cause, instead of putting in a corner as generally happens in such cases, the violent expulsion of the conscious part: these cases are not frequent but not rare, But doubling of involuntary conscious. During sleep, in particular, there is a greater tendency to leave involuntarily from his body, but in these cases the splitting is hardly recognized and remembered as the person tends to unconscious mechanisms of defense, forget it. Often, the events experienced during a state of split out, then, from your body, instead of being remembered are stored in the form of a dream, so therefore symbolic. The dream, in fact, it may be that state-base that can enclose a summary of our experiences.

We are talking about a dream understood not as a simple release and regeneration of our unconscious parts, but that part of life that an individual lives objectively, in his dream reality, and at night we can move freely, because they are disappearing brakes that conscious part arises in the form of fear. Sometimes, well, we remember vivid dreams, but so intense and sharp that they do not seem dreams: in fact, we have dreamed of walking on the grass wet enough to still have a slight feeling of wet underfoot, but there we split, passing over a meadow - we perceived - was fresh with dew.

Astral travel disguised as a dream is also the cause of certain feelings like here but I have been there we bringing us to places that, although the first time we visit, we seem familiar: obviously we had already visited the astral during sleep , and we were well liked. A split can also be done by taking drugs, but this is extremely harmful to the body, as well as unworthy, as it burns some mental contact, thereby inhibiting, in a definitive way, any possibility paranormal. Different is the condition of an expert, such as a shaman, which assumes a well-balanced amount of drug to tone up certain possibilities that her body due to aging, naturally loses, but which he is required to treat people entrusted to him or to carry out other of his own role.

It is an example, probably unique, conscious use of a drug: drug use by people instead of psychophysically in efficiency, beyond any consideration of ethical and social, rather than enhance quest'efficienza is literally a burn ability of the individual, because the drug acts as a strong foreign element to modify delicate balance, sometimes leaving indelible marks of that burn. Possible are also doubling as a result of trauma, typical car accident: you have an accident and suffered for a mechanism of preservation of life itself, everything slows down, and in a moment you concentrate a subjective time enormously long that allows you going to review the whole movie of life. It is a typical event of any shock to some violence.

The fear can kick you out from the body, and you see there, motionless, with rescuers and onlookers that you turn around ... Trauma, in other words, based on a mechanism of self-defense and (move away from the body that life is in danger) will eject and then, slowly, you are reabsorbed by the body. Same thing happens with the death by accident, when you come out and you'll be thrown out until you are called not just recover from the mental and physical state as the hardening of certain links between the physical and astral bodies, which will be discussed later. There is also, albeit rare, the possibility of spontaneous splitting, when we want it or nearly so, just as there are natural psychics particularly, it is, rather than inaccuracies in the nature of talent inherited from previous lives, which were especially developed certain techniques, from school to school, and there has been wearing a sign.

While this can be a good thing, on the other is an implicit commitment to use for the purpose of spiritual progress this power, and will be the agency staff to tip the scales of karma on one side or the other, depending on whether you made or wasted fruit that possibility. Much power to those who does not use it, it says in magic, but a lot more people who use it well. Begin, at some point, to become a kind of drop, something which comes out from you and begins to float. Inside the drop are all the senses, they do not have to identify themselves in a physical form part because our thinking, our careful thought, our look, does not need to organs in what is perceived throughout its hypothetical surface, other words, is a concentrate of our senses, a concentrate of our feelings, the way we feel, to perceive, to look, to look at what is around us, even though we are in total darkness, we can see clearly all what is around us.

The part that is leaking can move directed by thought. One way to train is to follow a route, first thought, with your thin part, directing the mind. Imagine this your subtle part comes out of your home and travels a road that you know. Then come out from the door of your room, will make a certain number of steps. traverse the corridor, will be out the front door, walk down the stairs, out the door so will cross the street, and so on. And this is a great workout to target their subtle bodies only with the mind. You will find, during astral travel, it is also possible that your bodies remain a little 'back to fit your mental projections, and therefore you will have to commit more to reach you, here is the importance of being already accustomed to this practice.

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