How does astral travel


how does astral travel

 How to make OBE

Let us now examine how the phenomenon of splitting can be programmed. You exit from your body in several ways: either we projected upwards, or it slips out, or gently floats or sinks, or it rolls on its side. My experience leads me to advise you to go out gradually, floating gently upwards, and then pivoting on the feet. You remain connected to the physical body by a kind of umbilical cord or silver cord, and already we have mentioned several times, and we now talk about a bit '. Although, because of its `f unction, we call it - and will continue to call it - the umbilical cord, in reality this element starts from the head reaches the head of the physical and astral body, keeping connected the two parts of the astral traveler. In fact, it is not so easy to define where exactly is the point of union between the two bodies, considering, moreover, that in the astral body, head and limbs are nothing more than mental projections.

Generally, it tends to superimpose the umbilical cord to the exit point of the second body. The umbilical cord has the characteristic of being able to elastically stretch to infinity and, despite this, its diameter never suffers change. Of course, its elasticity is part of the gains that come with the training and the progressive refinement of the techniques used. During the first experiments, we have already said, we do not depart much from its physical part - so the cord will stretch a little - then you will begin to travel further and further, not being physical, runs no risk of being cracked, cut, torn, burned by means or physical factors.

If we get accustomed to its existence, it is perceptible either through a sense of consistency, either through a visual sensation. When does astral travel, you can hear the cord so flabby, soft, and then, as you are out, you feel a sense of gradually thickening. It represents the edge of the battery, while the physical body is the electric battery that gives power to the lamp, the body is consciously splitting. As for color, it can assume different shades, in relation to individual characteristics and emotional state that is in the moment of splitting. Normally the umbilical cord appears bright color / silver, early exit, to become, as a result, a more metallic color, then yellow, and through a range of colors, closer to brown. This coloration, combined with the sense of cure, is the signal-light of the desirability of re-entry. When it's time to come back, is the reabsorption of the automatic split. is again the cord that gives us a kind of elastic-effect: both had stretched during the year, following our movements, both now retired, riconducendoci to the starting point.

To get the effect-elastic to fit, it is enough to simply think back, always according to the will, our rope respond, we will feel pulling and sucking. Rientreremo then in the same manner in which it is released. Simply, how to decide the direction in which to walk, give mentally available. During the splitting, is formed around the physical body, lying in a state of stasis, in a kind of trance, as all body functions are reduced to a minimum - the temperature drops, the heart rate decreases, the breathing slows down - a kind of magnetic field of defense, which allows the sponsor at the time of return. with the starting position. This magnetic field also allows the defense against the dangerous inhabitants of the astral plane. The physical body becomes a kind of battery-generating energy through the connecting cord, continuously feeds the astral body. If at the beginning of the splitting we have, let's say, 100 energy, gradually the trip then the energy gets thinner.

Now, our bodies together tell us, through the umbilical, which is the case of back when something unexpected is wrong. But we can also, although at first it is difficult to oppose their own bodies, decide to insist in the experiment. If there is a nearby larva that has power, "30" (it is not necessarily said that there are larvae in the vicinity, but you never know), as long as we do not go down below that threshold all goes well, but as soon as the battery, that is, the physical body drops to "29", she pushes and takes possession of her body and takes it so attractive. The larva is a purely instinctive and cuts the cord, so to speak, closes the body and key. And I'm serious trouble because you stay out, and only a psychic who has a familiarity with subtle techniques only natural pest control can give you back your house keys. Remember to do, at that point, something very similar to an exorcism. It is appropriate, therefore, let the alarm, as when we park in the center of the car. To avoid the dangers that may come from the unpleasant inhabitants of the astral, it is essential to comply, we would say ritually, all the information set out above to get to a phase split. However, there are any further aid, the pentacles, to be even better protected against these risks. A very special opportunity to defend - and I repeat that the first defense is that dell'adoperare correctly and without imprudence the same techniques proposed - is the so-called Guardian, which is realized by a group of planchette, or spiritualism tended not to evoke entities dead and several disembodied entity but to create specially for specific functions.

The entities that are obtained are thought-forms that gradually grow by drawing energy that is provided to them by members of the group. Can be specialized entity to guard their physical body during periods of split, will prevent any insect subtle approach and disturb what you are doing. So, participating in a planchette, communicating entity the date and time of the splitting expected, asking to act as a true astral body guard.

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