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 Obe Astral Travel Doubling volontary

There is a split involuntary, however, that occurs easily in the evening when we ask to bed in a relaxed condition. This experience of exit from its body can be remembered consciously or, in most cases, will overlap to a condition of sleep, often without special memories. Other times, you can get in a split-type instinct which is so much more intense as we get closer to some points of reference, similar to fixed stations of arrival, connected to the synchronic lines.

The synchronic lines are the highways on which work magic and gods, energy flows that cross the planet, capable of catalyzing the cosmic forces. The whole universe is crossed by these lines, interconnected, embrace and put into communication worlds, stars, galaxies. On Earth, they do not flow through the full length on the surface, only in some places they are emerging. Our planet is crossed by 18 major lines: nine with a north-south direction, with nine west-east direction. These points of reference attract, as if they were of the magnets, who is lying in a condition of duplication. Imagine that our thin parts are called on those particular points to draw information. Some instinctive doublings occur because you feel the need to feed on concepts, knowledge commonly found in these libraries very special.

Unfortunately, our tendency is to scare us so often we ourselves set limits, and big ones, in this particular condition. In these cases, our mind tends to mask through the dream, the normal output from your body. Not then we will make an experience of splitting in directly but through a third way. During this split instinctive, can get very important information: when you access these pathways, occur veritable watered information. It is interesting, in this regard, note that, when a split occurs in a controlled, of possible access for the man - there are stretches of the lines in which, regardless of the conditions of each trip and each traveler astral forces hostile to man do not allow this access certain - will form a special point of contact with this particular place, then the subtle body not only receives energy from his physical body but also receives energy from these energy points, reservoirs of knowledge on the lines synchronic.

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