Beyond the world of spirits


Beyond the world of spirits

The astral world (afterlife), is characterized by a wide range of situations, generate and / or influenced, at least in part, by those who experience, we understand an example: a researcher, scholar of shamanism, implement a voluntary exit from the body embark on a shamanic journey to the origins of his power as Mana, after setting up everything you need, and have prepared physically and inwardly, out of his "meat dress".

Having arrived in the astral world of the afterlife, he encounters a spirit guide who is in the form of symbolic animal here depends on the cultural range of the shaman, coyotes may be an eagle, or other animal, depending on the tradition followed, and then, studied by the shaman - who accompanies him in his quest to the destination.
Here you get the information it needs, so always returns accompanied by the same animal, which leads to the same road made the outward up to find himself over his body, thanked the leadership and returned to him.

If the experience had been made by a researcher alchemist symbols would change, the leadership probably would have been an angel or a saint to be considered by the investigator, this is because the Spirit has no form or rather have it but it is a form so totalizing that would not be recognized by those who met him, that is a sphere, and this applies to entities "benign" but also "evil" and then adapting it to those who have before.
Another important thing: in the spirit world, there may be a "reconstruction" of reality that you know, this gives some basis to the traveler, allowing him to feel more comfortable.

The energy obeys the thoughts of those who direct the plasma, so if you think you have in hand a sword, when you're in the hereafter, it will appear in your hand if you reach a certain state of concentration and confidence in yourself if you see flying fly, and so on.
These "views" in the astral, serve only to your mind to focus on attributes that are linked, eg sword thinking, are you saying that you are strong, ready to fight, fight and you know, here is an entity that, if you feel sufficiently strong, will retire, but if you are weak, and you will want to understand a thing wrong ... woe to you!

When you encounter entities (in other world) who do not recognize right away, you are used to test them, and not to trust right away, so we will put questions that only we know, or to which the entity can only respond as we know that answer.
Do not you ever point a "sword" for no reason, so you entertain "relationships" social politely, respectfully saluting and presenting, but never feel inferior because we must be respectful, not slaves.

There are beings in the world beyond thoughts and emotions generated by human, known as "larvae", which are the most diverse species, size and performance measure how some can get to a city who do everything because you trust them, just to be able steal the energy it takes for them to survive: they correspond to the real demons that have nothing to do with the demons described in certain passages in the sacred writings, but they often assume the contours and characteristics, to try to take in experimenters ignorant mistake.
These are also called demons that priests exorcists face when they want to save a possessed (often called them and can not leave it alone) because, if they were actually higher entities, there would be no priests, monks or saints in the world capable of force them to leave one's body. Usually, the dangers of being possessed, you run when you call, with ritual or not, evil entities without being adequately protected when it is weak or energetically, not in other cases.

The spirits of the afterlife superiors, not yearn to possess the body of a human, and it bothers even for short periods need to get into it to answer questions of the officiant of the rites ..
That said, the speech would be very long but I think for the moment suffice.
I hope to introduce soon a paper on the various entities that may be encountered in the afterlife, grouping them by type and power.

 Attention to the world of the afterlife ....

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