Meaning of symbols ancient Egypt Eye of Horus


Eye of Horus meaning of symbols

Meaning of symbols ancient Egypt eye of horus

The right eye of the falcon God Horus was known as the Eye of Ra, the Sun god, while the left eye was the symbol of the Moon

Here we find a coupling on the two hemispheres of the brain, one of which controls rational functions, while the other is concerned with those related to the imagination, the symbolism is very similar to Celtic, where the god Odin is the blind 'eye connected to the rational functions to allow his subconscious to surface of Horus is written:

"When he opened his eyes, filled the universe with light, but when he closed them again, then the advancing darkness."

The eye of the sacred emblem of protection, was depicted on many jewelry, especially amulets: spent two eyes were painted on the left side of the coffin, so the dead could see the way that they were ready to go.

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