Cancer characteristics and personality


Cancer characteristics and personality

The fourth sign of Cancer is a cardinal sign indelibly marked by a kind of feminine Yin energy, belonging to the element Water, soft element, formless, ready to take the form at the right time, deeply sensitive to the point of needing to build slowly but effectively, a cozy nest, protective and reassuring in which to dip and sink the emotional roots and then grow them, this work aims to create a network of vibrations based on empathy and the emotions; this network ensures that there is always a "contact", not a separation and a sense of belonging, a guarantee of stability and continuity in providing the essential nutrients for living.

The ability of cancer to perceive the slightest variation resulting from both internally and around the world is extremely functional in this sign for their project: in fact it must guarantee to himself and to his creatures the security of being able to support growth and ensure the lives.
The great lady of this sign is the Moon, changeable, variable, infinitely fascinating precisely because of its changes in the sky that makes it particularly intriguing is the manner in which you present the evening and offers her light, and for the same quality of this light that is never the same as it reflects the emotions and see the soul that experiences of the observer.

The 'Man has always relied on the Moon and feared for the night could be very treacherous without its light accompany the journey and, therefore, made it his calling to her gods even fertility, still asks the sign of Cancer the great lady of the night to accompany him illuminating the world of his emotions and his feelings and appeasing her anxiety.

Thus, the Moon appears beautiful accomplice in the eyes of lovers who see in her romantic, almost mystical aspect of their love and rely on it the dreams, hopes and expectations they have of the future may instead be especially disturbing when seen through the eyes of a person insecure or unstable, until you come to arouse real fears if observed when its light filters especially inside a restless mind that, in its reflection, it can even read real states of confusion and agitation, called "hysterical".
Undoubtedly the Moon are related to "moods" is defined as "moody" may be particularly vulnerable to external and internal atmospheres.
Thus, those born under the sign of Cancer, living relationship with our satellite, so intense as if the moon was in charge of their safety and protection in any situation where they can come to be.

The Moon is known has a special relationship with water and with the unconscious and so is the sign of Cancer which is always in touch with his inner world, a world that too often, however, makes its appearance without there being a ability to interact with it, for which the native is found to
be completely at the mercy, acted by his emotions that are too porous to direct and indirect vibrations that are sometimes channeled to the imagination, and, at times, seem to be totally inconsistent because outside of the will of the IO.

Just from the relationship with the most ancient deities of the world can be born, however, the great possibilities of the sign of Cancer which consist in drawing and enjoying the vast riches of the realm of the unconscious, however, learning to recognize his energies on discriminating and ask the moon not to overlap the light of the Sun but rather, to act as a filter between the Sun (consciousness) and the personality of the native so that consciousness can bring awareness without glare and without losing sight of the empathic and sensitive side that puts the Moon prominence, but which can not be burned by too much light and not obscure it.

From this intense relationship with the unconscious in the sign of Cancer sometimes seems like a fragile creature, without a precise direction, constantly moved by his emotions and his needs, looking for someone to stabilize what he feels, when in fact precisely this report is its strength that comes from the ability to be in contact with both the light with shadow and never confuse or superimpose them.

It 's no doubt that if you only lived in the shadow side that ends with swallowing the positive symbolism turned this sign some sort of ivy clinging trying to maintain at any cost "contact - addiction" with what it considers essential for its life, but just through a conscious work on the fragility linked to childhood and the relationship with the mother, the native may become able to "nurture and give life", just as the Moon teaches protecting without stifling its creatures. In this way the cancer, after having fed the physical life will also be able to nurture the emotional and psychological.

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