Aquarius personality and characteristics of the sign


Aquarius personality and characteristics of the sign

The sign is quite complex and the aquarium, know its depth psychology, can open a door on its interpretation that is often seen or described as "angelic" or "unreliable."
It is always best not to think of Aquarius as a particular person and almost always when there are too ideal or too demonizing definitions, there are projections of the personal and the sign is then heard as represented by a particular subject.

The Aquarius is responsible in the long and fantastic Zodiac wheel to represent the needs of the psyche that new staff have to avoid the collective processes of stagnation.
Those born under Aquarius are therefore particularly representative because they receive comes with a set of tools that make them quite different from what many regard as "normality". They are active, bright, has an excellent mind and an inability to sit still, or at least not that much, have a continuous drive towards the new and are thus able to seize the ether that is ready to be decoded, understood and later transformed into a content communicated to all.

The same glyph of the sign depicting a being a bit 'ethereal pay a bit' of water from the vault of heaven on earth makes you think of the symbolism used by Plato to explain Uranus is the lord of the aquarium, defining it as "the scaffolding on which God rest his ideas. " This representation is fantastic because it makes us automatically think of a subject with ideas quite remote from the common way of thinking (are divine ideas) that are resting there, on a sort of scaffolding of heaven, from which someone will take to bring down the world of matter, form and reality.

In fact this is what in a sense, the sign and the natives do: have a sort of dish that makes them adept at capturing the information traveling through space in the form of "magnetic waves", put into action their "decoder" and then bring into reality what they have learned and understood.
In this way, the aquarium is a candidate to be the innovator, the one that breaks with tradition, the one that loves diversity and that is as unconventional and can not stand being inside structures "rigid and static."
His job takes him to neglect of what is considered normal and common, and he wishes to travel unexplored paths new, regardless of whether they are mental, cultural or social.

The aquarium has a great ability to see how they could improve things and always trying to make a personal contribution.

The trouble starts here: in fact, these great features and qualities are often accompanied by impatience and a presumption of "mental superiority" that leads them to be seen as a bit 'squinternati, as eternal as troublemakers and crazy people who have always in mind something strange because they can not adapt to the rules.
L 'Aquarium is actually a social sign (the top is the triad of air, and comes after signs Gemini and Libra), which means that his goal is "social" and not just personal, is to capture the contradictions that make it difficult cohabitation between people and between nations, in trying to reduce the contradictions and disparities by mediating between social groups, of course, have different ideas, different cultural principles and interests.

In a word, the aquarium has the task of "being diplomatic" to find and share points in difficult situations, must be able to make sure that everyone has different interests from a small feedback so as not to create inequality and feelings of injustice .
L 'Aquarium also has a highly personal task that can be then that individual social and diplomatic that everyone expects: he must learn to recognize in himself the various "diversity" and to tolerate them in making them live. This will allow you to tolerate the diversity that will allow sufficient external and emotional detachment that will not want to change others and even to change themselves to get a sense of integration and identity.

These qualities are the difficult ones that create the conditions for cooperating and sharing common projects which are made by many people each of whom brings his specific diversity and richness.
The 'shadow of the sign is visible in its excess of rationality, in fear that the natives of the biological and instinctive emotions. This is the great contradiction of the sign: it is the closest to humanity, but deep down he hates everything that is typical of the condition of human instincts and emotions.
In this way they try to see everything in their mind and feel in doing so to preserve their spiritual side: in fact, access to the spiritual sphere must be based on ability to rise above instinct and not to reject it and reject it.
L 'Aquarium will never be able to express his high-level "social" if you do not seek to recover its emotions and its most vital part, which is what really can make him "spiritual man".

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