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Yoga cleaning practices of the Corps averages

These practices are located mainly in relation with the 5 elements that make up the macrocosm and human microcosm: earth, water, fire, air and ether: they are covered in certain practices several groups of exercises that are described below.

The first group of exercises is based on the fast movements of the legs and arms, the head and torso, with the intent to exit the body all the impurities.

Execution: Stand with your hands to life, releasing the body's weight on right leg, inhale lift the left foot, bending your knees; propel your left leg forward and laying it to accompany the movement with a forceful exhalation through the nose that starts and ends from the mouth. Inhale and return to flex the knee. Slim the left leg laying it a bit 'more laterally and accompany the movement with a vigorous exhalation which starts from the nose and ends at the mouth. Go back to flex the knee still slender leg laying it in place totally lateral movement always accompanied with vigorous breathing. Are practically three movements that make up a quarter of a circle of rotation from the front to the side; the same movements with identical times are repeated on the right side.

Stand with legs slightly apart as the measure of their shoulders to the feet parallel to each other, bring your hands to the head with fingers interlaced, bend your knees a little to make it more mobile pelvis must rotate from right to left, following the rhythm rhythmic breathing, exhale with the most vigorous dell'inspiro. Three times on each side.

Again with the feet slightly apart by holding the legs and arms relaxed and soft, turn the upper body, opening her shoulders to the rhythm of the breath always breathe more vigorous dell'inspiro: three times on each side.

Same standing position: Inhale flexing the right arm forcefully closing the fist of her tight and exhaling breath with vigorous slanciarlo forward, opening the fingers of the hand. Inhale and return with his fist to flex the elbow slanciarlo exhaling in a more lateral line, then again the momentum will be done in a lateral line to the shoulder. In practice the same exercise is done with the legs but runs with the arms.

Same standing position, arms relaxed at your sides. Relax all the muscles of the face including the lower jaw opening up his lips and breathe in for the duration of exhalation, is made from the nose or the mouth, shaking his head left and right three times.


In the second group of medium-sized practices introduce two exercises a stimulating action of all the elements that offset each other and complement each other: the gesture that frees the wind and the gesture that cancels the opposing forces.


And 'this practice of "blood cleansing" as defined by yogi regulating blood pressure, which brings the balance of energy between the 5 elements, even if its primary action is the removal of excess air in the body. As for health benefits in addition to deflate the abdomen by gas elasticises throughout the skeleton.

Lying on their backs to run two or three complete yoga breathing, listening to the slow, deep breath that fills the lungs into the base, in the center and at the top and after a moment holding the lungs empty paying attention to the bottom, the center, the apex. A moment of detention vacuum and then the second breath, listening to the relaxation that accompanies this full breath before starting the exercise. Inhale through the nostrils normally, without strain accompanying the arms which extend beyond the head, the whole body tends from the toe in the fingers, exhale through the mouth with a shot of strong wind and sound, good emptying the lungs by embracing right leg that bends by pressing on the chest and lift your head to rest the forehead on the knee. Inhale through the nostrils bringing arms stretched beyond the head and still stretching the whole body from your toes to the fingers, exhale vigorously as before embracing the opposite knee at first and repeat: keep it for 12 times on each side.


Lying supine interlock the fingers of your hands to bring them under his head. Bend your knees bringing the feet closer to the pelvis and adhere to the ground with his back buckets.

A deep inhalation accompanies the basin that rises up as much as possible, the buttocks shake vigorously to defend the area well and keep your lower back arched across the chest, push your elbows toward the floor to defend the upper back . After a moment of detention, which in practice take place spontaneously breathing with sound effect from the mouth back to the ground the trunk: the entire exercise is repeated for 12 consecutive times.


The third group of exercises is constituted by a core of five acts.

  • Drum
  • Monkey
  • Fish
  • Leo
  • Duck

The Drum: Sit in a comfortable position with legs crossed during inspiration tapping with the fingertips to fingertips rigid, all located in the chest under the collarbone and beneath the sternum. During a deep and forceful exhalation through the nose started and finished from the mouth to beat the same area with hands outstretched fingers. The rhythm of breathing must be rhythmic like the sound of the drum: repeat 12 times.

The monkey sat in a comfortable position with legs crossed her arms relax and focus attention on the face: to breathe normally without effort, during expiration, which started from the nose and continued by mouth, gaping mouth pushing in towards the gums lip higher should completely hide the fleshiness. Curved tip of the tongue rests at the base of the lower arch of teeth, repeat 6 times.

The lion: Sit on your heels with your feet firmly on the ground and knees apart touching the ground, put your hands on your knees so that your upper body while remaining upright and flexed forward. Eyes closed, breathing normally and without effort then you exhale from your mouth simultaneously run all of this: Stretch your arms forcefully betting his wrists on his knees and expanding all the fingers, pushing them open your eyes to look toward the center of the nose, open his mouth throwing out the language in its entire length. Repeat six times

The Duck: Sit on your heels with your knees slightly 'apart interlock the fingers and endorse the back below the shoulder blades; during inspiration while doing all this: Push your elbows back and stretch the chest and bring the shoulder blades' one another, tend with the force pushing the mouth as much as possible the two angles downwards, so as to force the muscles of the neck to flatten out and the pectoral muscles to rise: repeat 6 times.

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