Yoga practices crude

Yoga cleansing the body. Practices rough

The journey of yoga begins with a process of cleansing the internal organs.

  • Gesture of the shell
  • Gesture of the elephant
  • Dry nose
  • Cleaning of the rectum
  • Cleaning of teeth
  • Tongue Cleaner
  • Cleaning the ears


It 'a wash to cleanse the bowel, which is done by drinking two liters of warm salt water, accompanying every drink, split into two glasses at a time, with particular movements descendants of the body by relaxing the arms up, fingers interlaced and the breath that drives the lateral movement of the body, as to form two half arches, the high torque of the torso, with arms outstretched and slender back with vigor by both sides, from a drop in center run by the body stretched and suspended above the ground, keeping it in balance between the hands and feet, turning his head and torso, a crouch with knees bent, keeping a balance on his toes, up to lower your pelvis to the ground in a squatting position, turning, twisting the cord bust from side to side with one leg straight and one bent, and then fixed to the center, for a few moments, with feet apart and shoulders between your knees.

With this wash the intestines are clean enough to let the water just after I made clear: the practice should be performed early in the morning, fasting, a day of rest.
After practice you should eat at a distance of half an hour correct only boiled rice flavored with butter and you can not drink for at least three hours.

Contraindicated: In case of gastric ulcer, acute appendicitis, tachicardiche crisis, general weakness, and for women menstruating or pregnant.


And 'cleaning of the stomach or vomiting caused by vibrating the uvula or the bloodiest in which you introduce 2 meters of gauze down to the stomach, to clean it up, with continuous swallowing and abdominal contractions, then gauze which holds between hands a strip, is made up by removing it from his mouth.


And 'an aspiration of warm water and salt from the nose to cleanse the nasal passages.


It 'a water intake from the anus through the anal sphincter contraction, plunging into a pan of water to the basin.


It 'a practice of rubbing the teeth and gums. Using your index finger, with a mixture of sea salt and oil, which is resting on the palm of his left hand.


And 'the rubbing of the tongue with a stick of wood from the bottom to the tip, to remove toxins accumulated during the hours of sleep.


It 'a vibration inside the ear run with little fingers smeared with oil.

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