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dreaming big wave meaningGIANT WAVE DREAM MEANING. If you ever wanted a titanic wave that sweeps away human civilization, then you could be one of the elect: it is not a dream, it is a true prophecy, an extreme warning that comes from those who are trying to prepare humanity for a dramatic event coming up, a catharsis planet, before it is too late.



From studies carried out by various stakeholders in new techniques of investigation and some researchers free land, it is clear that a new proof of the possible occurrence of catastrophic events, you are revealing without anyone to communicate the effects on society, more and more people say they dream , often in a persistent and recurring, that a wave wipes out the human race, knowing that some will be saved, as if they had been chosen by nature or by higher entities before that happened.

Do not stop dreaming of a giant wave? In your dreams is always a wave? What does it mean to dream of a big wave? What is the meaning of dreaming wave? The dream of the wave shows a high wave from which there is no escape, but some manage to escape into the dream and escape, but this wave appears only as a wave of water but can also be seen that it is something more like a energy wave that changes everything overwhelms, improving it, sparing only natural objects.

In this dream you see the effects even after the "wave" where people with shabby clothes, can be found in the streets now empty, full of despair and not knowing what to do: the cities are empty and deserted, despair is the host. If you dream of a wave is really a warning about what you can tell? According to some climatologists the climate of our planet is changing more and more frequently, giving rise to floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, possible that the earth is approaching a metamorphosis global climate, whose climax will feature a planetary upheaval?

In the summer of 2008 for the first time in recorded history the human, the north pole found himself completely free from ice, which withdrew from the scorching sun on the distant shores of Canada, the newspapers gave the announcement, even if the What passed very quietly in many countries around the globe. The 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean was one of the most dramatic natural disasters recorded between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the 2000s had caused 230 000 deaths

The earthquake in Sendai on 11 March 2011 had a magnitude of 9.0 and was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the fifth time, after which it developed a tsunami with waves up to 10 meters reached a speed of 750 km per hour. But things do not reflect what is supposed to happen according to those who dream of the big wave, since the effects would be even more devastating than what has been reported in all disasters, more or less predictable, all over the globe: for Maya  will end in December 2012 was the fifth even though there is no need to wait for the announced date to understand that this will be a year of changes at both the company level and in terms of climate and nature ..

In 2009, the newspapers wrote: "2012, NASA warning: blackouts on Earth. The doomsday NASA: A solar storm lock satellites and mobile phones - millions of people without electricity in 2012, food and medicine that go bad in the refrigerator off, phones and satellites out of action. A scene from "day after" that could be declassified under "catastrophism", except that the alarm comes from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences. And in the villain that threatens civilization there are human activities, pollution or the risk of global warming. The enemy by surprise is the Sun, the creator of life on Earth with a cough could knock out the infrastructure on which the prosperous West. "

In essence, the NASA states, and not only you, that solar activity is on the increase, and a particularly violent storm could be disastrous for our technology because the atmosphere protects us from these effects but lately it has suffered a weakness that may no longer be able to cope with rare events and disasters. Despite the denials of many governments, it seems that they have very clear ideas on the subject, suffice it to mention the Norwegian Global Seed Vault, a repository-proof Atomic intended to preserve all the seed of the world from a possible "future cataclysm" or the Lunar Ark of NASA, designed to secure the Moon all human knowledge along with DNA samples that repopulate the Earth in the case of a meteor impact.

Or you can see how both the U.S. and the former Soviet Union have never abandoned the fallout shelters of the Cold War, in fact have enhanced them making them able to accommodate 60,000 people per year, with all the amenities and food supplies in abundance, but to defend themselves from what? And who are the chosen few destined to survive within them? Who would you identify them? Even ufologists are having a lot of data about it and show the cases in which the aliens would give information to put forward or contacted on how you should do things that paleseranno in the future, and how to avoid death in those cases, he seems to even fleets are being alien displacing close to the ground to allow either a possible rescue cosmic in case of need.

Could it be a farce? That specialists from NASA and the American Academy of Sciences are wrong, that the crypt of the seeds of Svalbard or the Ark of the Moon NASA are only scientific abstraction? The crypt of the seeds was completed in 2008, in advance, but the contract with the manufacturer provided that the bunker had to be completed no later than 2012 .....

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