Japan puts an end to nuclear power


end nuclear power JapanJapan puts an end to nuclear power by 2040, a document was signed by the minister of energy policies that ripporta a total change of direction of the country of the Rising Sun.


 Japan end nuclear

The Japanese Government has presented its national energy plan to exit from the use of radioactive materials: the Japanese government felt compelled since after the war to take the naive way of atomic energy, because of the contracts made with American companies that forced them to buy material and nuclear technology under the guise of developing an energy system that can approvigionare the Japanese population without too dependent on oil, with the obvious results today that Fukushima is just the tip of the iceberg.

The decision was made not so much because the accident occurred in Fukushima but as policy makers have realized that if they want to be re-elected, dovrannop finally look after the health of their fellow citizens and not only to American economic interests, in France the President Hollande confirmed the promise made before being elected, in which he said that the plant would be shut down Fessnheim by 2016, commitment to win the support of the Greens, though now he finds himself having to accelerate its actions because of the ' accident in central Fassnheim fact, without a second thought because no going back.

Despite the costs and the inevitable inconvenience to citizens, but also the same companies that live on state subsidies for nuclear power, Japan has confirmed its decision to exit completely atomic energy in the space of 30 years, who reiterated a halt to the construction of other nuclear power plants. Yoshohiko Minister Noda, signed the document in question, which contains three key points or stop the construction of nuclear power plants, stop the activity of existing reactors after 40 years, only after restart of existing plants safety tests conducted by authorities ad hoc .

Japan is now included among the three countries as well as Germany and Switzerland, who have chosen the path of denuclearization, instead of its development, giving new impetus to policies of renewable energy and energy efficiency, but to support the immense amount of energy needs of the Japanese factories will, at least initially, even the gas with coal and massive imports of energy from abroad, given the current Atomic Energy feeds about one-third of the entire country of the rising sun.

Noda's move also comes in the wake of a popular mobilization in support of increasing output from nuclear power. This summer in the country have followed numerse large anti-nuclear demonstrations, especially in Tokyo on July 29 took to the streets tens of thousands of people (a record for the standard giappoensi) to protest against the restart of a nuclear power plant in the prefecture of Fukui.

Remember, when a politician says that it is necessary to use atomic energy must pretend that he and his children go to live permanently in that area to no more than 10 km, and so you have to ask to all those who want a nuclear power plant built " for the good and the needs of society. "

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