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Japan disaster FukushimaDespite the protests raised immediately after the accident happened at Fukushima March 11, 2011, the authorities decided to restore the functioning of one of the nuclear reactors, and resume as energy production despite the dangers of the case and the total absence of reported safety by researchers and locals.


 News disaster Fukushima

Still the radiation levels are well above the values of safety intended by the regulations for the control of atomic energy and its uses civilians, but no one speaks of the dangers that continue to be of interest, not only in the lives areas affected by the environmental disaster, but also all the inhabitants of the globe, in the case of new explosions and loss of fissile material burned that they should remove the air, hit in a short time all, unaware of the incident exactly as it happened with Chernobyl. Yes, in order to avoid the risk of a blackout summer, derived greater use of air conditioners and the like, the Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO), the utility that supplies electricity to the rich regions of Osaka and Kyoto, reactivated the reactor 3 the central Oi, and in a few days will be the turn of the 4.

Saturday, the cooling system to the fuel pool of the reactor 4, has failed and has been stored for a day and a half, at the risk of reaching the temperature limit on the fuel rods and running the danger that the core melted, but no information was passed to the organs of communication. The Kepco has given the green light in mid-June by local authorities and the government in Tokyo to restart the Units 3 and 4 of Oi based on the results of stress tests and inspections, though some seismologists have expressed doubts about the decision since the measures Additional against possible earthquakes and tsunamis will be completed just over three years.

The purpose of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has been clarified immediately: the departure from nuclear power, which generates 30% of the energy needs of the whole of Japan, among other things now obliged to expensive imports of fossil fuels, will be gradual but not immediate because even the start of new renewable plants in nature, they will soon replace the current production guaranteed by nuclear power plants. Japan has found (for now) nuclear power: "I have no doubt that times have changed and that the turning point is near," he assured two weeks ago Kenzaburo Oe, the Nobel Prize for Literature and one of the promoters of " Sayonara nuclear power plants ", leaving the residence of Prime Minister after the delivery of the 7.5 million signatures for the petition against the atom as a civil and be eliminated through a national referendum Italian.

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