Hypothesis end of the world

end of the world 2012When you think about the end of the world is always thinking of December 21, 2012 but there is no reasoning on the fact that there are other hypotheses about the end of the world



Annunaki Nibiru human creation

annunaki aliens nibiruThe creation of humanity has always created problems for researchers but if only they had sought in the Sumerian tablets were discovered that humanity was created by the Anunnaki from Nibiru.

Annunaki aliens nibiru



Animal mutilations

mysterious animal mutilationsCases of mutilation of livestock or farm animals still bear the mark of mystery because although it is not rare isolated events have not yet found the cause.

Warning: The images in this document may be shocking




Nazca lines

nazca lines mapsThe Nazca lines are still a mystery as to why and how they were built as the Nazca civilization was very primitive

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