Taoism Wu-Wei principle

The principle of Wuwei Taoist

The ideals of Taoism are explained by the lifestyle of the immortals, the xian, moving effortlessly through space and time, passing from earth to heaven in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the universe.

Personifications of the most sublime goal of Taoism, these figures are the subject of many myths and legends and are defined by the symbols of the cosmos in perfect balance with each other.

The followers of the Dao must cultivate the perfection of the self - even in the most humble - and learning to read the world around them according to the principles of Yin and Yang, with the aim of reconciling the opposites tend to harmony.

The principle of Wuwei or "no action" is essential in Taoism: any attempt to interfere with the nature of things is bound to fail in the long term.

But the Wuwei does not mean complete inactivity is rather a way to practice empathy with the natural laws, in tune with the basic rhythm of the Universe: This principle is well illustrated in the history of the pine and willow.

After a heavy snowfall the more rigid branches of the pine break under the weight of the white layer, while the flexible willow branches bend, shaking down to the ground layer of snow that covers them.

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