Yoga (Kundalini) Serpent's important information


Yoga (Kundalini) Serpent's important information

I have read several books on yoga, meditation and kundalini. Much of this knowledge has been preserved in the Far East, as we know. The true origins of Satanism are in the Far East, NOT in the Middle East, or in Mesopotamia, although it is clear that at some point our gods were in that area. The Seven Towers of Satan is also an allegory for the 7 chakras, but also physical signs along the area that extends from the Far and the Middle East, marking the path of physical migration from east to west. The core of this sermon is that, through Satan, we can make much more progress and faster than anyone else in meditation and awakening the snake.

Most of the texts of yoga (including Snake) and meditation will say that through consistent hard work, meditation for at least an hour a day, and advanced Hatha Yoga practices, a person may come to awaken completely Satanist his snake after 22 years. Most of this includes the segregate places called "ashram", denied the normal sexuality, suppress orgasm, follow a strict vegan diet (no meat eggs or animal products) and other restrictions.

Through Satan, some of our people have brought up their snake in a very short period. The High Priest Vovim Baghie - for example - has fully awakened her snake recently, and after only one year of work. Eat meat and whatever they like, is sexually active, and lives by the Satanic lifestyle, which is free. The enemy = restrictions. This is not news that many non-Satanists who practice yoga and meditation intensively, ie those who do not know, meet all sorts of problems, frightening experiences, and follow a program that goes against life that is actually designed by the enemy to discourage and block any spiritual progress.

In ancient times, before Christianity rise up the head, the requirement to become a priest was entitled to have the snake completamenterisvegliato and climbing. The focal point is to remind everyone that - ORDER TO ASCEND TO YOUR SNAKE WITH YOGA, YOU MUST BE FREE. And 'this is the real message of yoga, which is beyond the corrupt teachings of the enemy that have infested. Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) is used to make the body more flexible and open seams and other areas where energy is trapped, because they are linked. Eat whatever you want, you have sex when you want, how you want to have fun, be free. Sexual Orgasm opens the chakras. Orgasm is necessary for both physical health and emotional and psychological.

The enemy promotes everything that is unnatural, and against life. Sexuality is condemned and repressed to make sure that no one can be traced back to their own snake or it might have a spiritual advancement. Always remember that when you read or studied any Oriental teachings, meditation or yoga books. Our troops are advancing in a way unheard of in a short time through Satan, in a safe and healthy. As soon as the snake grows in strength, and begins to rise (often retreats to the base chakra, until back beyond the solar chakra) complexes derived from the past (whatever that is) and other psychological problems are brought to light in the conscience, so that we can compare them and delete them. The snake also cleanses the soul through the astral element of fire.

Satanism = BE FREE

Sermon for 21/11/10

One thing on which I should point out. There are no restrictions on Nutrition in Satanism. In any way, and whatever you choose to eat is your business. The videos and documentaries that show what "farming on an industrial scale" is more than sufficient to consider a person to vegetarianism. For those of you who are vegetarians: if it works for you, and you are happy with this, it is a great thing and can give you much credit. The point is that humans are omnivores (eating both meat and made to plant). No matter what we eat, in any case you should always kill to eat. Lions, wolves and other carnivores kill to eat. Every living thing on earth to kill mangare. Plants are living organisms. The problem is the way it is done. Farming on an industrial scale is terrifying. It is not natural. It 'a torture for the animals, exploitation and abuse in the extreme. This is reflected in the food chain of the food and the quality of what we consume, and also reflects on the entire society. The majority of people are sick (especially in Western countries) and depends in many ways by medication and prescriptions. Moreover, many methods are used unhealthy and unnatural, both in cultivation and breeding worsen directly affecting the health of consumers. This goes on for many decades. For meat eaters, there are brands of products they sell meat from animals "cage free" and raised in a humane manner. (Editor's note: In Italy there is much chance of finding organic products, livestock, and crops and natural and healthy). The more people realize the inhuman exploitation of animals for food, and more there will be changes for the better. For those of you who choose to be vegetarian, know that it is important to understand HOW to eat to have a healthy diet. Some nutrients come to us only through the animal proteins, such as vitamin B12 and taurine. Dogs and cats not receiving taurine in their diet may become blind. Both are carnivores by nature, and made to eat meat.

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