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Kundalini Yoga The Magic Satanic tips

Satan wanted me to write this article, and I assicurassi anyone could read, and also posting it in the e-group. I'll be right to the point, almost everyone knows how the enemy works through infiltration to destroy and corrupt the spiritual knowledge. The roots and foundations of True Satanism can be found in Kundalini Yoga
(Snake). Unfortunately, many of the lessons have been infested with the procedures and practices that are actually designed to be very effective, and to ensure that those who follow them have no spiritual power. A good example of him to give the many yoga practitioners who live in India, with nothing else, living in a shack like dogs, are covered with the ashes of the dead, wearing only a clod like Christ, and live like the living dead . The tourists, who visit temples, receiving the "blessing" of these pathetic practitioners by paying a few cents, and actually receive their life force. These poor souls are full of vital energy, but have no idea how to use it, because the teachings of the enemy will always lead astray.

There are no precise rules actually obtaining personal power, except meditated constantly and consistently, and do what is necessary for their spiritual advancement. The junk corrupted by the enemy is clear, you see. It is found in most books about yoga today. This garbage is pure MADNESS and has nothing to do with reaching to divinity. Follow these corruptions enemy will not only ensure that you have no power and you are not a threat to their programs, using occult powers to enslave the world. The worst things come up to the mutilation of themselves, which is not only crazy but also potentially deadly.

The only "SIN" in Satanism and stupidity '.

Some examples:
- Cutting off the thread which is located under the tongue so that the tongue can reach the pineal gland. This is not only dangerous, but completely useless! The fools who did not even allowed to speak in a normal way, or eat properly. The texts that speak of these mutilations explain that these people "retire to live in a cave, can not speak normally, and do not eat much." You can of course also die. This is total madness! Anyone who has pondered constantly and for a while 'time sualla pineal gland knows that this is totally stupid and not needed. Swallow a long fabric / cloth. This is self-explanatory. How to cut your tongue, this is totally unnatural and useless. It can be deadly. Put water into the rectum up the colon Wash your nostrils, or insert objects into the nose known as "Neti".

Sexual abstinence.

This is one of the worst. Humans are social beings by nature, and they need to be loved and touched in a sexual way. Orgasm is a relief necessary. SEXUAL ABSTINENCE AND 'VERY unhealthy! If one is able to find a partner, it is important that the sexual energy in the form of a good orgasm is released, because it is necessary for themselves. How this happens, what is personal and individual. Denied sexual orgasm usually leads not only to psychological problems, but also physical. Unlike the popular teachings on yoga, abstinence prevents spiritual progress.
The diet.
This is an individual choice. The vegetarian diet is not necessary for the practice of yoga, or in the development of his powers. This however is dished up in all the texts on yoga and many other writings. What you eat is a personal choice. Of course, if your diet consists of junk food and fast food can lead to disease, but if you happen on occasion to eat too much, eating spicy foods, meat and so on, this has nothing to do and does not interfere with your spiritual progress. Here I speak from personal experience.

Ignore the chakras of the feet, and the lower chakras.

The lower chakras are essential. If you want to heal yourself, perform ANY magic, and have a half-decent self-esteem, you MUST have the powerful lower chakras. The region for which many popular books on yoga and ubiquitous give advice against the development of the lower chakras, so that you do not have any personal power. The feet are very important, because that is where you take the energy that is used in rituals and in healing others, and more.

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