Create Satanism elemental


Satanism create elemental beings in trance

Elementals are beings whose souls are formed of one or two elements only, rather than the five that we humans have. They have a certain degree of intelligence given by their creator. May be helpful to perform certain tasks in the astral plane as well as in the physical world. They may be servants.

The fire elementals appear as a flaming ball before they are formed

The water elementals appear as a ball of glass before it is formed

The air elementals have a bluish color

The elementals of the earth are colored concrete

These beings are capable of many actions, here are some examples:

  • Influence the minds and thoughts of others
  • Stop or strengthen relationships
  • Form friendships or relationships of love / lust
  • Tie weaker individuals to control them through the will of the magician and the elemental
  • Make customers for those in business

How to create an elemental

    The elemental of the element should be connected to, or forming a match with the desire that you want to be happy.
    Give a name in the elemental
    You have to give it your will, with authority in giving orders, as well as want them to be executed. It should be a short sentence in present tense. "Will" never happen. For example, "You are ... etc.. "-
    You should also print the elemental education that will be successful in executing his orders


Imagine yourself immersed in revenue trance element that you want to use for your work, as you would with the invocation, but not invoke it in you. Instead, focus and condense the item in a ball in front of you. The element needs to be concentrated and powerful.
Now the elemental formed into the desired shape and impress upon your desire is that trying it with a short phrase command.
Give a name elemental
If you want to set a time limit, the elemental ordered to return the item to which it was created after a specific time, after he has completed his task. Failure to do this in some cases, can result in a creature that has a life and will of their own and could be boring.
The elemental can also be programmed to engage and feed on it, the aura of the person to whom you are sending.
To evoke the elemental, call it by name and return. You can recharge energy and / or give him a new task.

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