Satanic magic and esotericism


Satanic magic and esotericism

For centuries the monotheistic religions have decried the creeds of the conquered, where a god or a spirit passed from being a bearer of wisdom being a loathsome and malignant demon.

The church and the Jewish religion did not pull back from all this bailame: thus Lucifer, who represented the morning star, Venus, the bringer of light, knowledge and wisdom, became the "bad guy" to be feared and rejected in the flames of a hypothetical "hell" - resulting from hell = what is the bottom - where he should be punished because they do not obedient to the God of the winners ....

Nothing more idiotic! It 's time to stop to follow a religion that seeks to keep the minds of the subjugated people in the grip of fear and "guilt" in order to govern, but unfortunately, in many, although themselves atheists, agnostics, or simply claim not to follow the ideas of "church", they are prisoners, in spite of themselves, the manipulations of this criminal organization, which aims only to control the people.

Few are saved now days, but here I hope to make it possible for those few to find some useful information, it will not be limited to what is found early, but will be constantly supplied with information.

I hope that this will be acceptable.


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