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From an early age I have been affected by events "weird" and often frightening, with direct contact with spirits: I became interested in the topic Esoteric and Occult because of these facts because I was looking for an explanation that others could not give me.

The study in these two ancient branches of knowledge, I took several years, during which I learned about various subjects of which I speak also on the site, albeit to a very superficial way, since the deepening of the same would require my physical presence to answer questions involved, quickly.

I studied and practiced magic, Reiki (getting permission to use it from my spiritual guides), Pranic Healing, Pyramidology, Celtic Runes, dowsing, radionics, symbols (in which I specialize), evocative and ceremonial high magic, tarot, divination techniques, Shamanism (which is my "religion"), altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, spiritualism, crystal.

I developed some herbal and homeopathic medicines.
By partnering with several groups have directed some lectures treating these topics.

Together with a longtime friend as well as expert Webmaster passionate about ancient cultures and Taoism have resolved to combine our knowledge to create a site that spans different topics ... and soon became a reference point for fans and people who wish to understand what has always intimidated, but at the same time fascinated ...

When did you become a master in what quickly becomes a student in another ....

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