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Reiki 2 nd level using the symbols

While in the first degree is taught the basis of Reiki, with the opening of the heart and the self-treatment, as well as the exchange of energy, in the second level is carried out what may be called a real initiation energy, in which, a Reiki master, opens the aura of the participant and will "affect" the symbols that then going to use practically, to allow better energy flow than when the practitioner was not interested in certain topics.

In fact, the energy system of Reiki practitioners, we must acquire the ability to open up and let more psychic energy and nervous than normal - if that does happen, the practitioner would be in exhaustion - which, however, will need about six months to find the required balance.
Together the three basic signs of Reiki, is used also the symbol of Raku and the Dai-Ko-Myo (which will not be discussed here because they have meaning only when used by people who are really prepared and entrenched in the matter: I have often found explain to practitioners (often Reiki master) that this type of treatment are much the treatments carried through occult rituals, so too should not snub those who practice magic.

Sometimes it happens that those interested in certain topics but does not have the appropriate knowledge, be allowed to say or do certain things to others, asserting that the "Divine Goodness" or similar amenities, protect those who receive treatment from any error - and this is true but only in part - but things are not always so, since I have known many people who had been pushed to receive the third initiation than the other within a few days or at most a month, and have found literally "electrocuted" brain.
These "poor", even if everyone takes the blame for their choices, they trusted those who urged them to spend more money to ascend the ladder of knowledge, then think about it: who should do quickly avoid it like the plague, because it is more interested in their bank account, even the very fact that the "initiations" are made to pay an inappropriately without proper follow people - before, during, and then - is a sign of unprofessionalism.
Personally I have never been started by anyone, at least in the flesh, but I always used all the techniques I needed, but I studied esoteric and occult seriously, not in the course of Sunday!

But back to the topic: the master, once seated the subject to start, tells him to concentrate in the heart, keep your hands on your knees with your palms facing up, and begins to show him the aura above the head, "affecting "The primary symbols as someone else, telling the practitioner to appoint three times each symbol to activate the energy.
The sequence is repeated even to hands over it, and the master will know when, closes the person's aura, and connects to the energy of the cosmos.
Said that things seem simple but they are not, in fact, the concentration required is considerable, and it is unclear how some pseudo "Reiki master" can start literally hundreds of people a day!

In practical use of symbols (go to the download link Reiki Symbols) usually acts as follows: taking a person who needs help, you can sit or lie down, depending on your taste or needs, and then tell you to close your eyes and relax.
At this point the practitioner, "draws" the symbol Cho-Ku-Rei on the treated area, repeating the name of the symbol three times - or more depending on what you feel - projecting power from the hands, this is to carry more energy on patient.
Then affects the Six-He-Ki to heal the emotional part and repeat the name three or more times as before and got to this point, you should use the symbol Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen, but I noticed - and are not the only - that is not always necessary, especially the first few sessions, however you can also use the name he always sang mind like a mantra.

It re-projects and affects the first symbol, so if you feel that by the time you can quit, you quit the aura of the patient and, after thanking the higher energies, you can "cut" the connection to the other person.
Speak to cut the connection because, at least for beginners, I have often found that they tend to be literally "vampired" by people who wanted to help, just for the fact that they cut the umbilical energy created by the treatment.
To do this you just see a line of light that reaches us from leaving the treated area with his hand making the gesture of cutting it, and you think "voluntarily ex my contact with this person, in terms of energy."

This is, in a very narrow, which makes the use of symbols in the second degree of Reiki, but be aware that, without the guidance of a serious person and prepared, and only the spirit can certify their validity, not pieces of paper, one can not properly access the healthy practice of this matter, as well as any other topic.
Choose exactly who you should teach.

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