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Advanced meditation technique Meditation

Returning to the argument made in the link of "meditative visualization technique", used this technique only if you are already well advanced in meditation practice, as it may cause psychological problems of various kinds, because it requires a lot of concentration and experience.

It would be better to be followed by someone well trained, you act with caution, please.
Ask yourself, as usual, in a state of relaxation, in a meditative position, then proceed to see your breath in and out of your lungs, breathing from the abdomen, always without tension or strain.

The inhalation should take 10 seconds and then effortlessly hold your breath for 5 seconds, then exhale and hold back dall'inspirare in 10 seconds for 5 seconds.
If the breathing becomes too long for you accorciatela than 2 seconds, ditto for the exhalation, the other must remain so, but remember to NEVER FORCE breath.

As you breathe you can count mentally, although at first, this may cause a bit 'of tension that will be reflected on the physical level.
This breathing helps to govern and to calm the agitation, nervousness, mental confusion.

For questions or clarifications you can write to will try to answer all once a week.

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