Electromagnetic waves of mobile



 Electromagnetic waves of mobile

  • Use the headset to reduce the effect of electromagnetic waves on your head (no blue-tooth), or use the speakerphone: the field strength decreases rapidly with increasing distance! By car, by law, you must only use the speakerphone.
  • Avoid long phone calls, often alternating ear during conversations limitane drastically and the duration (minutes), and when you make a call waiting for you to respond before holding the phone to your ear.
  • Call when it is open (all the "marks"), otherwise your phone increases the power of the emissions on your ear.
  • During the night did not keep the phone switched on the bedside table, or worse, under the pillow (electromagnetic waves disturb sleep). Do not charge it by your bed!
  • During the day do not hold the phone in your pocket or on your body: you can just place it back on the table, in the clothes hanging, purse or backpack.
  • Do not keep the phone switched on in hospitals where there are medical equipment, aircraft and in the presence of people with devices such as pacemakers or hearing aids.
  • At the cinema, theater, SCHOOL keep the phone off and use the voice option. The cellular SCHOOL IS PROHIBITED by law!
  • Mobile phone use by children should be limited to emergency calls only!
  • When buying a new phone informed about its level of emissions (TAS in watts / kg, the electric field strength in V / m).
  • Inside the buildings the cell increases its output power: in search of a closed using the landline (not cordless).

These simple rules can greatly reduce the damage caused by cellular technology, is for you to follow them or not, at least now you know a little 'more than your enemy.

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