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The thinner the Domoterapia home therapy using subtle energies and can be considered a branch of Green Building. Its objective is to analyze the subtle energies of a house, an apartment, a shop, a hotel, a factory, a medical or paramedical or other enclosed space, with the aim of improving the quality of life, health and welfare of its people, customers, employees, patients.

The Domoterapia thin on the assumption that if an environment has not been built, designed, furnished, designed in a way, in appropriate forms and on the ground, the place can become more subtle and pollution due to mysterious illnesses, relapses and apparently inexplicable . In Domoterapia thin have a large part the techniques and tools (unfortunately few who really work), which heal the environment from the point of view thin. Obviously Domoterapia thin can be used prior to construction to optimize the situation.

The thin Domoterapia is essentially based on two principles:

  • The quality of subtle energy in an environment is a key causative factor to be considered in the diagnosis of symptoms and diseases of its inhabitants.
  • The circulation pattern of subtle energy in an environment is a central factor in determining its quality.

So the first thing you must determine the quality of subtle energy and secondly how energy circulates in the environment.

Rooms filled with energy neutral or better harmonics determine a general state of well-being in people who live or work there, those with harmful energies tend to cause illness and disease. But this is only a general principle. The energies of a house must be harmonious and balanced for people who live there. For example, if a person lives in a house very Pettigrew, his health much worse, if the house are active energies Pettigrew. Conversely, if a person is Plus, his health condition will be aggravated by a home Plus
Not only that, but a subject can be balanced in large part of its chakra, minus one, such as the Baseline. His house is generally balanced, but in the bedroom and at the base of the coccyx, there is a problem in any case an irregularity or Minus Minus Energy. The subject, most likely, then, to suffer anemia or depression or some other condition corresponding to this state of affairs.

Have you ever entered a house that gave you an indefinable feeling of suffocation, as if gasping for air? Or an excess of energy activator, which has made you restless or nervous? Few are aware that, in a closed environment, is not only necessary that circles the air in order to keep it always pure, but which also exists the need for adequate energy circulation. Environment, as a body, needs to breathe in clean energy and exhale the energy used and congested. If in a closed environment stay many people, become spoiled both the air for the accumulation of carbon dioxide emitted from their lungs, both the energy for the accumulation of fine congestion. In other words, begins to create toxic plasma, which slowly fills all the spaces and contaminates the bioplasma people. The problem becomes serious when:
can not be to bad weather conditions to open the windows, by opening the windows, the external environment is full of congestion, the room is on one or more of a cause of congestion fine.

The amount of energy present in a congested room may depend on many factors:

  • the level of physical or mental activity of people who live in the house,
  • their level of health and energy state,
  • from the material of construction of the house,
  • by the presence of equipment,
  • on how and where they are built balconies and windows,
  • environments with respect to the position of magnetic north,
  • the possible sources of telluric activity and very harmful or more

It 'obvious for example that if a sick person at home is the amount of energy will be more congested, that when all the inhabitants are in perfect health. A house, an apartment, an environment must be designed in such a way as to allow the circulation of subtle energy, which must be studied in order to facilitate the entry of clean energy and the escape of those congested, problem unfortunately still largely misunderstood in architecture and even in bio-architecture. Often architects and builders are elegant and seemingly rational solutions, however, reveal that real disasters from the aspect of subtle energies and their movement. It can happen that in such an environment there is good air circulation, but that energy is bad.
The ports of entry and exit of the energy circulation and the position of the bed. But as the subtle energy flows in a closed environment? Obviously the front door and above the windows allow the outside pure energy (often, especially in cities, not so pure!) To renovate the interior. But there is also a movement that less often decisive importance especially in colder months when windows are opened infrequently. This is a problem that mostly affects people who live in cold climates where, for many months a year, doors and windows are closed.
In designing the pattern of movement of a thin flat course one must not forget that under the two traffic flows are planetary energy from North to South and from East to West.
If there are no openings in a flat in the north and south traffic will be bad and this will tend to accumulate toxic plasma more easily. It 's known that directing the head of the bed to the north you sleep better. Have you ever wondered why? Here are two explanations, one obvious, the other not:

  • with the head of the North red blood cells, with their iron content, are attracted to the head and oxygenate more;
  • if you sleep with your head to the North the subtle energy flow will cross from head to feet.

In so doing the flow (which, remember, is Minus) makes a sort of cleansing congestion portandosele way down toward the feet and lower chakras less sensitive than the higher congestion, especially Plus
While admitting that the first argument contains a truth, I bet on the latter. Sleep with your head toward the North is in fact a kind of cleansing bioplasmic night or if you prefer, a natural decongestion. But beware! This positive effect is less if we head north of the act causes congestion: radiators, alarm clocks, neon lamps and other objects emitting electromagnetic or headboards metal, which absorbed congestion cosmo-telluric; not provided a way 'congested energy output in the South (a door partially open window, for example) to the north of our bedroom there is a sick man.
At this point I would like to recall a personal experience. My bed (in a certain house where I lived) was aligned to the north, also in the bedroom there were no major problems at cosmic telluric, in short, nothing bad knots or faults, or water, et cetera.

Yet, I felt, that room was not perfect and I slept very badly. By testing the home and small interview with some neighbors, I found the explanation: in the next room, who was also a bedroom, a sleeping person very sick and the North-South global movement led in my bedroom its congestion!
The chimneys of the vents can be very important subtle energy. Depending on the materials and the shape may or may not push subtle energy vitiated outwards and thereby contribute to the energy circulation of the house. The fireplace, especially if powered, even if energy is a waste, from a subtle point of view is often a blessing. The earth electrode on the other hand, can be harmful. I noticed often congested energy that went into the house from the ground. This behavior could be avoided with the use of devices that block the rise of congestion.
Porosity and energy circulation. Some substances are relatively porous to the passage of subtle energy, other than insulators and impenetrable. Furthermore, the combination of different substances can form a thin energy accumulator, which is pushed in a certain direction.
In a house, depending on the material and the type of coating, some structural elements (walls, floors, partitions and ceilings) may well push slowly, but steadily, subtle energy outwards or inwards. In the first case they become a sort of anti accumulators and make the house unlivable for lack of energy, accumulate in the second congestion.
In a healthy home energy, or at least partially healthy, there should be a minimum of two energy-porous structures: a north to south and another to allow the flow to pass through the planetary home. The porous structure in the North should allow the entry of environmental energies as well. The porous structure in the South should be allowed to become airborne congestion. The floors and walls should be solid, in some cases, strictly insulating. Why?

You thought that your apartment may move the congestion of your neighbors? In fact, it is sufficient that the slab is constructed in such a way as to push subtle energy from bottom to top, that the game is made! On the other hand, the marble and tiles contain many crystalline substances, and we have seen how they behave if placed adjacent to non-crystalline substances. It 'is therefore possible that you are absorbing in your home part of congestion near or below those of the nearby above. The transfer of toxic plasma from one apartment to another is possible through both floors, the walls. It's not a pretty sight, especially if the neighbors are not in good health!
Beware of beams and ceilings, that if they are of insulating material to subtle energies
can quickly accumulate a large amount of plasma toxic. Be careful also not to sleep with big beams vertically on your head disturb the natural flow of global thin. It 'also important direction of the beams on the ceiling if you are directed North-South does not impede the flow of global matching. If you are directed east-west flow will allow the passage of this planet: the house will seem warmer, less clean, but more challenging. If the beams are directed at intermediate positions hinder both planetary flows.
Programmability. A long speech in part should be done on coatings. Some materials that contain large amounts of crystal, marble and other stones, the sand used in concrete coatings and quartz have a great programming skills. These materials absorb the energy imprint very easily and, once stored, still inside it visible for a long time, even after the cause is exhausted. They behave in fact neither more nor less than a message etheric. The imprint can affect both the etheric and physical energies of nature (electric fields, cosmic-telluric energies harmful), and psychic energies of stress or other unpleasant mental states (distorted thought-forms created by the residents of the home or from those who their predecessors).
Once created, the unpleasant and harmful energy imprints can unsubscribe in two ways: by determining the room or the location of the reverse situation, for example, by practicing meditation and relaxation in places where there was a lot of stress. It 's like saying that overlap psychic energies to positive energies negative, or erasing the imprint directly with equipment using negative energies of a higher order.

Obviously the two solutions can be traversed simultaneously.
Another effect of paints quartz is to push energy in the direction in which they were painted. If the paint is outside, the energy will tend to thin out of the property, if it is an interior room to be painted crystal, the subtle energy will tend to accumulate in that room.
What happens when energy cosmic-telluric pollutants are active in a house? It should be considered case by case basis. The worst situations are always the ones where there is also the energy-water. Remember that the toxic plasma is heavier than pure? In this case the weight of the plasma created congested underground water has a great importance. The plasma will tend to invade preferably the lower floors of the house and the lower levels of the room. Generally the toxic plasma is more concentrated in the areas of maximum activity thinner and more diluted elsewhere, but may also be present in the entire flat at different levels of intensity. If the apartment is on a strong energy circulation, the risk of toxic plasma will be lower. If the energy circulation is poor you can create harsh conditions for the inhabitants.

Radiators: accumulators unexpected congestion. Did you know that the radiators are common among the worst congestion of batteries and radiators? The water flowing in the circuit is more or less always the same and, by dint of passing by nodes geopatogeni, electrical wires, television sets, sick rooms, toilets and more, you load a large amount of congestion. A good idea would be to clear the circuit often, better would be to relieve congestion on all the water flowing through the heating of a building, thus improving the welfare of all inhabitants. One thing we can do is put a device like the Cleanergy (radionic instrument for cleaning the environment and people) for reducing congestion in the aetheric heater: most if not all its congestion will disappear in a week or two. This practical course is repeated for each radiator in your apartment, especially in winter when the water heating circuit runs through the building.
You should put some attention to the position of the radiator in a room not in the North East and not you understand why? It 'simple: are the two positions of planetary entry flows. By placing a radiator in the North or East are part of its congestion brought on by the global flow, flooding the room. The position in South or West is great for the inverse. Be careful also not to sleep near a radiator, especially if you are near or behind your head.
In the bedroom there is a mirror? The mirror is a powerful collector of subtle energy that can push or aspire to or from the viewer, depending on how it is constructed. Additionally each mirror congests the subtle energy that flows within. Observe carefully what is behind the mirror. For example, if the mirror is placed on the wall that separates the bedroom and bath, the plasma may seep into the second before. Would you like to sleep in the energies of the toilet? If the answer is no, remove the mirror from that position. If the mirror is placed on the cabinet wardrobe (not inside, but outside of the cabinet), congestion of the clothes can download into your bedroom. If you do not want congestion (including psychological), accumulated from clothes during the day, invading the bedroom, remove the mirror from that position. There are many other wrong positions for the mirror, so that I can give you one advice: put it in the closet attached to one of its doors. This solution is not exactly the best, but better than others.

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