Geobiology and geodynamic networks

Geobiology and geodynamic networks

For over thirty years have come from the studies and research of the paranormal to set up a frontier science that has much to share with the new physics and a holistic view of the world. In this "new" science that is rooted in antiquity was given the name of GEOBIOLOGY, in other words, the science that studies the influence of radiation (telluric, cosmic, etc..) Of all living things (biosphere).

Over 70% of illnesses are aggravated or determined by disturbances of terrestrial magnetism, along with other environmental factors. These abnormalities lead to the zones of earthquake stress, causing what are termed geopatie, including a long series of disorders, from simple headaches to chronic fatigue, alterations in the function of affected organs and the immune system to real and chronic diseases degenerative. Indeed, many therapists and researchers working in both the so-called non-conventional medicine, but also in the official have now accepted the existence of these areas.

In this regard, says Helmut W. Schimmel, German physician and researcher: "Based on the experiments conducted so far have not geopatie brainy ideas. Only people with narrow minds could still laugh at them. Disturbances geopatici should be introduced in the diagnostic and therapeutic considerations of diseases. We think the judgment of a chronic disease without the inclusion of factors geopatici is not possible. The geopatia plays a fundamental value without which the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases remains inadequate. "

But what these anomalies are caused Earth's magnetic field?

Put simply for reasons of space, we can say that these are due, as well as a sort of network of telluric radiation (Hartmann grid, but there are others), even by geological anomalies such as faults and cavities, by underground waterways , mineral deposits, particular soil types etc..
It was found that the areas of greatest danger to living beings are those where two sections of the grid form a junction (node k, k = kancer) and when they overlap to a fault or a stream, also with tools we have today, it was found that on these disturbed areas will have a change of several physical and chemical parameters (and energy) environment and living things that they stop. At this point, considering man as a receiver and a condenser of waves, it is easy to become aware of the interactions between the organism and the environment at all levels (of matter, energy dense and thin etc..).

Naturally, not all disturbed areas have the same degree of danger, in fact depends on the intensity and type of radiation, as well as the exposure time. Particular attention, therefore, should be paid to any nodes that may be located in parking areas and relax inside the house (living rooms, bedrooms), where prolonged exposure in a state of relaxation or sleep, makes the individual much more receptive and "unprotected" in these fields radiating waves.
The methods of detection of these disturbed areas are essentially of two types: direct and indirect.
The first relates to the analysis of bio-physical and chemical parameters measured on living things (ph, blood pressure, heart rate, skin resistance, etc..)
The latter are based on detection systems through the use of sophisticated electronic means for the direct measurement of physical parameters (modification of the ionization of the air, emissions of electromagnetic waves, microwaves, ultrasound, radioactivity, the vertical component of terrestrial magnetism etc.). , or through or biophysical methods and tools of dowsing that exploit the sensitivity of the operator.
To understand the problems posed by this discipline must start with some physical data:

  • All materials vibrate and radiate
  • The radiation field is the natural basis for the genesis and preservation of life
  • At present, in addition to natural radiation and artificial, with possible negative mutual interference for all that is life
  • The earth is the negative reinforcement of a huge capacitor whose positive pole is the cosmos itself. The armor is land fetches to be recharged by thunderstorms (from 1,000 to 2,000 the second)
  • The total amperage is low (1.500/1.800 Amp for the planet, 1.5 Amp for Italy)
  • The potential gradient is about 130 V / m in altitude
  • All living organisms are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) of different
  • frequency and intensity with orders of magnitude considered irrelevant. According to A. S. Presman Institute of Biophysics (Moscow University), this is explained by the fact that the effects do not depend so much on the amount of energy, because the amount of information introduced in the organic system
  • The homogeneity of the earth's magnetic field is altered by various types of radiation telluric
  • Underground water currents: the movement of underground water and electricity will cause friction that can be measured at the surface in the form of electromagnetic field (EMF)
  • Geological cracks (faults): Due to the non-uniformity of the layers of the earth is no problem of concentrated radiation and emission of gamma rays and neutrons amplified (especially at night)
  • Underground mines (coal, oil, gas, minerals, salts): change the Earth's radiation field
  • The networks geodynamic

Geodynamic networks can be classified in turn into:

Large networks are regions of space where an electromagnetic frequency changes of intensity, or very large carriers and usually far from each 24 m in the North / South direction (Cardo) and 30 m towards the West / East (Decumanus) for large orthogonal network, while the vectors of the diagonal distance of 36 mx 36 m and the width of the beams varies between 8 and 10 m with the change of intensity from the periphery to the center of the carrier.
The carrier West / East and then generates the Decumanus, in its movement of cosmic origin, the
two diagonal vectors of the network, one of which, the North / West, with right-handed rotation and therefore beneficial influence on the organism, the other, the South / West, left-handed rotation, unfortunately not beneficial for the cell frequencies.
Small networks-the most important is the Hartmann network, which consists of bands of about cm. 21 planet in the sense that wrap around the North-South (about 2 meters away) and East-West direction (about 2.5 meters away). The crossing points of these ranges are determined for Nodes which can be biologically harmful, like the veins of water these bands are very conductive for natural and artificial radiation. It originated from the Earth (it is his breath).
Influence the man in the formation of the bone. It is also detected a secondary grid of mesh spacing varies from 15 meters to 30 meters (in a support structure to the global network). Its rays are useful to the nervous system. - The Grid Curry is formed by strips of cm. 75 3.5 meters apart each other in the direction Nord/Est- South / West. The crossing points of these ranges are determined for Nodes which can be biologically harmful, are very conductive for natural and artificial radiation. It originated in the Cosmos and influence cell growth. There is also a grid with larger meshes (also acting as structural stiffening) with a distance varying from 15 meters to 30 meters; affects humans in brain function.
From a biological point of view of the intersection, or nodes of these networks are particularly harmful and negative effects are amplified if, on the same perpendicular, there is an underground water or geological anomaly (natural gas, faults). These points geopatogeni were known in antiquity: the Chinese, for example, called them "the output port of the Dragon" and avoided to build their homes.
Regarding the possible pathological effects on man, we must start by saying that:

Not all disturbed areas are pathogenic (depends on the intensity and the type of radiation);
The effects vary from person to person (healthy individuals suffer less damage);
In civilized man we have a decrease in resistance to pathogens because of stress fields, the state of intoxication and the unnatural life which plays;
The longer the exposure, the greater the chances of getting sick (you have to unwind outdoors in contact with nature).

He is sensitive to electromagnetic currents natural, useful to the maintenance of life, they were released in 1991 by Professor Schuman and have been termed "Schuman fields."
He has shown that in the biosphere are no particular pulsed magnetic fields that "vibrate" at the same pace of the brain, which are measurable and whose vibrations are vital to the living organism.

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