Meaning of dreaming dreams bees and insects

apeWhat does it mean to dream bees and insects?

Bees are good sign for farmers and for those who draw from their own work; others indicate disturbances because of their buzzing, injuries due to sting and a disease because of the honey and wax.

When they land on the head of those who make the dream is a good sign for a leader and for a craftsman, for all the others are bad, and generally predict that the dreamy be put to death by the crowd or by armed soldiers.

They are in fact treated as a crowd or an army because they obey the orders of a boss, and bring death because they rest on inanimate objects. Enclose the bees is a good sign, and so eliminate them is beneficial for all, except for farmers. Wasps are harmful to everyone, in fact indicate that you will run into wicked and cruel.

The grasshoppers, locusts and so-called 'chewing' herald farmers sterility of the fields or the loss of crops, because the seeds damage or destroy them, for others are a sign of evil men or women. Cockroaches, beetles and fireflies are useful only to those who exercise crafts filthy and vile taken into account, for the others are tidings of damage and unemployment, especially for traders of ointments and perfumes.

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