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foto uccelli 351What does it mean to dream birds?

Birds flying high in the sky giovano more to the rich than to the poor, while the smaller ones are more useful to the poor.

Birds of great size in fact, as you do not eat simple foods, it happens sometimes go hungry, as they aim to large prey and not satisfied of what happens, but those small, which feed on wheat, have the food always within their reach, and do not ever remain free. But at this point it seems appropriate to mention them according to the different species. Dream of an eagle sitting on a rock, a tree, or in a high place is a good sign for those who make something, and bad for those who have some fear.

If you dream that flies quiet and undisturbed leads equally well to the subject, but the omen is usually achieved with some delay. An eagle sitting on the head of those who make the dream foretells death, and whatever it grab with his claws, he dies.

Be flown by an eagle promises death to kings, rich and important people. In fact it is ancient costume after their death in paintings and statues portray these characters carried by eagles, and honor them with works of this kind. For the poor, however this dream is a good sign they will be raised at the hands of rich men and they will benefit not just, usually through travel.

Eagle threat promises to threats by a powerful man, but if it is gentle and approaches offering something or talking with his own voice, it was observed that a good sign. A woman who imagines himself to give birth to an eagle, generate a child, and these, if you are poor, the soldier will and command an army, as the eagle before each army, if it belongs to the middle class, it will be an athlete and become famous, if he is rich, will lead to a lot of people or even reign.

See an eagle died of use only to a slave or someone who is afraid, because promises to those who threaten death or the master; others predicts unemployment. The eagle also indicates the current year: in fact, the spelling of his name corresponds to the first year. In relation to the different species of eagles should finally also that the interpretations are different. A hawk is a woman of regal status and rich, proud of her beauty, customs and behavior wise distinct.

The bearded vulture has the same meaning eagle. The vultures are in favor of common potters and tanners, because they take away from the city and hang corpses are unfavorable to physicians and patients, because they take pleasure from the dead. They also indicate enemies despicable and wicked, who do not live in the city, and in all other respects are a bad omen. The hawk and the kite correspond to bandits and pirates, and indicates that the hawk assault and outdoor mass, the kite that snares secretly.

The Raven can be approached in an adulterer and a thief, because both the color and the fact that changes often the voice. The crow indicates a long period of time, delays in business and an old because of its longevity, and foretells a storm because in real life is the messenger of the storm.

The transfers show a multitude of people, poor people and rooms riots, and Gracci have the same meanings of the transfers. The doves wildlife and domestic correspond to women; wild ones denote sluts, those maids sometimes even housewives and costumate. E 'can also report the appearance of many of these birds to one woman, and one to many women. The doves also indicate success in their home taken because they are sacred to Aphrodite, and are a good sign for any friendship, company and contract as they like to live in groups. Cranes and storks, if you see flying in flocks and training, herald an onslaught of pirates and enemies, and bring bad weather if you see them in the winter and in the summer instead of causing drought.

If you see them separate and alone, cranes and storks are good sign for travel and for the return of those who are far away, the fact that the change of seasons they travel and change place. But the stork is primarily a favorable sign for the generation of children because the children take care of parents. The swan is a man brought to music, and even the music itself, and reveals things hidden because of its color.

If you see a sick man promises his recovery, but if singing is a sign of death, because he does not sing only when it is near death. Swallow's talk about the part relating to death. The pelicans match foolish men, who act recklessly in any case and without reflection, also reveal that the thief and the fugitive slave is located near a river or a swamp.

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