Dreaming sea animals


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Dreaming sea animals

See a marine animal in its natural environment does not help anyone, unless it is a dolphin when you see it in a dream, this is a good sign for those who are at sea, and predicts that the wind blows in the direction where appears.

Each marine animal that appears out of the sea and by the liquid is a good sign: it can no longer harm where he is not even possible to save badly and it dies in terrible convulsions. Therefore indicates that the enemies are not only devoid of strength, but will die a miserable death. If you dream of a dolphin out of the sea, it is not a good sign: it means that you will see a loved one die.

The gulls, coots and other seabirds lead sailors extreme danger, but do not make them die, in fact all of these animals plunging into the sea, but do not drown. Other men indicate ether and wives warlike or predatory and unscrupulous swindlers, who carry out their work in water or by water. Also announced that find themselves lost things, since devour everything grasp.

Find in the sea of dead fish is not a good sign, as herald vain hopes and do not let expectations go to completion, it is better to take fish vivi.Riguardo their cooking and seasoning needs to be done according to the interpretations of the meat sauce. Also, see a fish in the bed is a bad sign for the sailors and the sick in the first promises shipwreck, the latter a threat coming from those caused by fluids or humours.

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