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The fire in dreams: Meaning and interpretationThe fire in dreams: Meaning and interpretation

About This requires use of a double interpretation, depending on whether the fire celestial and divine, or what you have on earth and that is for domestic use.

First, then, the fire that comes from heaven is to be interpreted that way. See in the sky a blazing fire, and pure small and indicates a threat by some superior, but if it is big and huge, predicts an invasion of enemies, sterility of the earth and famine.

Depending on the part where the fire and from which it originated, ie whether from the north or from the south, from the west or from the east, on the same side are the enemies, or in that area will be famine. Worst of all would be to see the fire come down to earth, and have the same meaning of burning lights in the sky, all these phenomena causing a danger to those who share the dream. For as the heavens are higher than in the whole universe, so also the head of the whole body.

A bolt of lightning that falls close without there being a time and does not affect the person, or eject the dreamy places where it is: in fact one can not remain in the vicinity of lightning. If it falls in front, prevents proceed further. Being hit on the head by a bolt of lightning was interpreted by exegetes oldest in two ways: they said that this was a good sign for the poor and bad for the rich, according to the following reasoning.

The lightning is nothing but fire, and the fire has the ability to destroy each subject. Now, the poor have the misery and the rich wealth: therefore it will destroy the wealth and poverty of one another. And he who is struck by lightning immediately rises to greater fame, even the poor equally suddenly become rich and the rich man who suddenly lost his possessions become more popular. These interpretations therefore believed the ancient, the performers came later were also words of slaves, and said that being hit by lightning was a good sign for the slaves, because those who have been struck by lightning do not have masters and suffer more, they are wrapped in white clothes as the freedmen, and the men come unto them as people honored by the gods.

Among the rich, does not damage those intended to bring gold because of some office or priesthood, but promises that their positions and their priesthoods will be even more glorious, because the fire is like gold for its color; those who are not married, both rich and poor, this dream foretells marriage, because nothing warms the body as fire and woman, but between those who are married, and makes enemies members, siblings and friends: lightning does not combines nothing, but also divides what was previously united. In addition, it deprives children of their parents, whether they die, if you feel any pain when one is struck by lightning, or they are separated in another way if you do not feel pain, because the trees struck by lightning dry out and lose their shoots.

The lightning then gives fame to the athletes, men of letters of all kinds and those who intend to go out in public, and in trials for citizenship rights it should be dreaming of electrocution.

But in the process landed it warns that those who work the land and are afraid to come will be driven out of it, because even those who have been struck by lightning change place, but they are buried where they surprised the fire.

On the other hand, predicts that those who claim a land of others does not come into possession, but will remain where he is, or outside it, unless one dreams of getting hit himself, but see the lightning fall to the ground in particular as it dream makes it inaccessible land to those who live there. In addition, the lightning back at home who is traveling, at home and keeps those who already is there.

Does not help dreaming of being burned by lightning when you are in navigation, or while lying in bed or lying supine or prone on the ground and it is believed that it is a good sign to be struck by lightning only when you are standing or sitting on a seat or something similar.

The best therefore when we dream that the fire in the hearth is bright and pure. In fact, this means a lot of abundance, because if you do not prepare the food does not happen to see the fire in the hearth. But when it is off it means misery, and if someone at home is sick, the heralds death. It 'a good sign even dream of holding a burning torch in the night, especially for young people, for the most pleasant means love relationships, and predicts business due to the fact that you can see ahead.

Seeing another person holding a torch is harmful to those who want to remain hidden. Sending a lamp that burns bright light in the house is a good sign indicates economic success and prosperity for all, marriage for those who are not married and healing for the sick, but if the light is not bright but uncertain, which means sadness and leads to death the sick in a short time. Instead, a light off saves them, because it must be turned on.


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