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What does it mean to dream Aria? Air in dreamsWhat does it mean to dream Aria? Air in dreams

See in the clear air and pure dream is a good sign for everyone, especially for those seeking something he has lost, and for those who want to travel, because when the air is clear you can not embrace everything with his eyes.

The dark sky or dark or cloudy indicates pain, as well as unemployment. If it turns into something different matter, is a good sign for those who work this issue, for others it was observed that it is pest.

To dream that the sky falls is uniquely favorable to the soothsayers and for those who keep the celestial phenomena, while the other leads to a lowering of living conditions. Rain without a storm, and without much wind is a good sign for everyone, except those who are preparing for a trip and those who work outdoors, and for them is a barrier. A fine drizzle and frost are good for farmers, others announce business of little consequence.

A storm, a hurricane and a storm and bring danger and damage only to the slaves, the poor and those who are in some difficulty predict the deliverance from present evils, because after the great time is good weather. Dreaming snow and frost in the season to their own means nothing, because the soul remembers the cold days of trying, even when the body sleeps.

Out of season this dream will only help farmers, the other promises that their initiatives and business succeed rooms are proposed, and also keeps them from traveling. Hail reveals confusion and distress, and reveals things hidden because of its color.

A thunder without lightning indicates trickery and deception, as comes unexpected and lightning without thunder announces an unfounded fear, as would be expected after the lightning thunder, which because of its noise is nothing more than a threat, and therefore when occurs, undermines the fear.

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