Dreaming parts of the head


Dreaming parts of the headDREAM MEANING OF THE HEAD PARTS

What does it mean to dream parts of the head? Dream of long hair, beard dream? Interpetriamo the meaning of dreams that relate to parts of the head and the head men's and women ...


Dream of having a big head is a good clue to a rich man who does not take even a political position, for a poor person, for an athlete, a usurer, a banker and the head of an association. In fact, this dream foretells a first charge, in which he will wear a crown or a band or a tiara on the second welfare and purchase riches, and that as a result of this will head higher. An athlete is clear that it predicts victory, since in this case its head becomes larger. In a usurer, a banker and the president of an association indicates that the collection of money will succeed more, because the sums of money are also called 'capital'. A rich who now occupies an office, a speaker and a demagogue this dream foretells harassment and insults by the people, and to presage a sick headache and a soldier fatigues, a slave indicates that his release will soon, and who you chose a quiet life prophesies upheavals and offenses. A head quite small and measuring less than the normal indicates the opposite of each individual outcome for the type of head aforesaid.

Having long hair and beautiful and be proud of is a good sign especially for a woman, because sometimes women beautify themselves also carry other people's hair. It 'also a good sign for an essay, a priest and a prophet, a king and a judge, and for theater actors, some of which in fact have the habit of wearing their hair long, while for others it is required by the profession. The dream is favorable also for all the others, but within certain limits: it indicates wealth, but not sweet, but procured with difficulty, due to the fact that the care of long hair requires a lot of work.

The hair was long and unkempt, so it looks not so much a head as a fleece, indicate to all people with afflictions and difficulties as a word similar to 'crown' denote the act of 'give care' and the hair grows uncultivated in disasters .

Have wool instead of promises long hair diseases and tuberculosis, because often people who wear hats wool gives the impression that they are grown directly on the head. And if the hair is transformed into another substance, it is necessary to interpret the dream according to criteria of affinity.

Dream of being bald at the front of the head with derision and predicts unemployment for the present, if one who dream of being in the back, will suffer in old age poverty and misery extraordinary: in fact everything behind it is a symbol of time and the future baldness does not differ in any way from misery, because both are produced by a deficiency of vital heat, or because they have nothing to hold onto. If you dream that the right side of his bald head, he will lose all his kin male, and if it has, will get hurt. If one dreams the same as the left side of the head, lose than women, if it has otherwise suffer damage even in this case, the head is a symbol of kin, and the right side it shows the males, the females left .

If a man who is not aware of all dreams that integrates one or the other part of his head is bald, will be sentenced to hard labor, and this is in fact the mark of those sentenced to the death penalty. Have his head completely bald is a good sign for those who are accused in a process and for those who fear being forced to force others, because they are more easily able to escape, since it provides power to all the other men this dream indicates the loss of that beautifies life.

Having a healthy, well in front of meat is a good sign for anyone, and indicates frankness of speech and manly attitude, and a forehead contracted or suffering reveals dishonor and damage at the same time. Dream of a face of bronze, iron or stone is of benefit only to the tax collector, to the shopkeepers and those living in their boldness, while all the other brings hatred.

A rich announces rumors about him, if the ears are pretty good, and bad if they are ugly and ungainly. This dream is a bad omen for a slave, and for those who must appear in court, both as a prosecutor and as accused: that predicts who will be the subject for a long time, to these that the prosecutor will in turn accused, and that the accused will be facing more charges to those found in a certain way, in fact, warns him that he needs a greater number of ears. For a craftsman's dream is favorable, as they will turn to him many clients. Losing even ears which have in each case means the opposite of what has been said above. Clean your ears full of dirt or wax means that there will be good news, and be beaten in the ears means that you will receive bad news. Dreaming that ants from entering the ear is a good sign only for the teachers, because they correspond to the young people who attend their schools. For everyone else, however, this dream is an omen of death, because the ants are the daughters of the land, and the land they penetrate.

Have the ears of a lion, a wolf, leopard or other wild animal indicates that it is the subject of a conspiracy libelous; similarly about the other animals must take an omen from their natural characteristics. Have ears eyes means that you become deaf, and hearing that the functions will be replaced by the view, to have eyes on the ears means that you will become blind, and that the functions of the view will be replaced hearing.
Having sharp eyes is also a good sign for all while seeing evil indicates lack of money, because the eyes shine and even unemployment because myopes see what evil have before them.
Who has children indicates that they will get sick: the eyes are in fact similar to the children, because we keep them dear, and guide and escort the body, as the children are their parents when they become old.

Dreaming of being blind in both eyes promises to death for the children of those who have made this dream, and his brothers and parents for their children as a result of what has been said above, for the brothers because even the eyes are brothers among them, for parents because the eyes make us see the light, as parents and their loss heralds the loss of what corresponds to them. To dream of being blind is a good sign for those who are in prison for those who must force by others and for those who find themselves in dire straits, the first fact will no longer see the evils that surround them, the other will be those who lend aid , because there are many to render aid to a blind man, and he is freed from all difficulties. This prevents dream to travel, and warns that those who are far away will not return to their homeland, because no eyes can not see neither the earth nor its foreign. It is fatal for the soldiers and for everyone who lives in the court of the king, also promises to defeat those who practice the heavy athletics, but victory to compete in the race.

It 'also unfavorable to the sailors, astronomers and fortune-tellers, and if he does this dream those seeking something he has lost, not found, and so there is a runaway slave who pursues him, but for poets dream of this kind is good, because they make up for their works need peace of mind and may enjoy a quiet extraordinary if, having no eyes, they were not distracted or shapes or colors, for those who are sick this dream foretells death in any case, for the fact that it is deprived of light.

If one dreams of being blind in one eye only, these predictions are carried out partially, and, so to speak, in half. You also have to pay attention to this: the right eye indicates the son, brother and father, left his daughter, his sister and mother, if the sons, daughters or brothers are two, the right eye indicates the son or brother or daughter more, the left daughter, brother and son minors. Having three or four eyes or even more, it is also a good sign for those who want to marry and those who do not have children: one has a wife, the other a son, and so around one person, there will be more eyes, is a good sign for a loan shark because it will have many stones while a debtor is a bad sign, for the same reason the stones.

A rich this dream promises to look very good to themselves and their possessions, because they tend pitfalls: it warns that it needs many eyes. For those who want to travel it portends wanderings, and who is at sea a change of course, because many eyes reflect light in different directions, and the rays of the sun. For a crook and a beautiful woman many eyes are a sign of unfavorable one will be watching a lot of people around this there are clearly many lovers.

Moreover, if one dreams of having his eyes somewhere other than their natural home, if they are in the hands or feet, become blind, and if they are located in some other part of the body this way you will get sick or injured, because in see the first case, so to speak, to grope with his hands or feet, and in the second one can not approach any object to that part of the body, as if they were eyes. Having the eyes of others means that you will become blind and you will be led by the hand by others, and if you know who owns these eyes, we will adopt the son of man.

Having a big, bushy beard is a good sign for orators and philosophers, and men of action, to those dignified, and makes them formidable, if a woman dreams of having a beard, if a widow to remarry, if it is married, her husband will leave the other comes away from her husband and hold up his house, as if it were a man and woman at the same time, unless you are pregnant or who is on trial in the first case, in fact, the woman will generate a male, and seeing him already accomplished the age seem to have herself a beard, in the second it will resist without being put under his feet, like a man. At a young boy this dream foretells death, the fact that anticipates the age, who is already in puberty and will soon bring the beard, it indicates that acquire independence, whether he is slave or free, becoming mature and able to fend for himself. Dreaming that the beard is shaved or falls, or is torn by force from someone announces, in addition to the death of relatives, damage and dishonor.

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