Buddhist spiritual purification

Buddhist spiritual purification

The mind has need of spiritual cleansing, the negativity that will accumulate over time produce a powerful negative Karma which in turn is due to illness, physical pain and all the obstacles that cause suffering and loss and death.

This negativity is like a invisible baggage that accompanies our consciousness since the past. Follow us life to life and, when they encounter conditions that are mature, cause us suffering. In this life we enjoy a wonderful revival in the kingdom of men, where we have the ability to cleanse us from bad karma, Lama Rinpoche says:

"How to solve the problems of life, how to find happiness and avoid suffering, to live long, you always have a friend with whom we are good people who support us, we listen and not criticize us, praise us, serve us and help us when we need it, how to get relief and consolation? ".
We can do this in two ways, here's the first: since all the obstacles, the undesirable things in life are caused by bad karma, we can perform everyday practices of purification, so we should not suffer the problems that are caused by karma negative.

The second way is that it abstained from producing more negative Karma: living according to morality and thus create happiness for this and all future lives. Purify negative karma and produce positive Karma are both practices Dharma. Whatever your lifestyle, you have to practice the Dharma that is, around the clock to keep the mind healthy, positive, pure and virtuous.

To do this we need the help of the Buddha of Purification: Vajrasattva and thirty-five buddhas of confession. The teachings of the Buddha on the path to enlightenment speak of six methods that can be used to purify the negative karma:

Reading the texts of the Sutras
Meditating on emptiness
Reciting special mantras with great power
Make sacred objects, for example stupa, paintings, large or small
Bidding rituals and sacred objects
Acting as the names of powerful Vajrasattva Buddha and 35 Confession Buddhas.


The six realms of existence are "worlds" that represent as many types of samsaric suffering.
Kingdom of Hades (narak) the realm of extreme suffering
The realm of the spirits (preta) in which the kingdom is suffering intensely from hunger and thirst
The animal kingdom, where we suffer because of ignorance
The reign of the semi gods (asuras) realm of the material pleasures
The realm of the gods, the realm of exclusive enjoyment
The kingdom of men, ilo most precious realm of rebirth.
The realms of hell, hungry ghosts and animals are the three lower realms, while the realm of semi gods, of gods and men are the three higher realms. Who lives in the higher realms can help those living in the lower realms through prayer, otherwise their suffering to be expressed until the exhaustion of his cause.

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