Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi (Green)

Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi (Green)

Dhyani Buddha Amoghasiddhi (Green)

The mandala of the Buddha Amoghasiddhi that is green is in the north, the Tathagata is the symbol of success without obstacles, it is the Buddha in the world of politicians, monarchs and ambitious people, those who are perpetually jealous of others, which are too competitive and that the only purpose in life feed to have increasingly more wealth, more success and more power.

If you operate in this world so ruthless, please contact the Green Buddha.

The mudra of Amoghasiddhi means courage and protection: he raised his right hand, palm facing outwards in a gesture of "no fear", at heart, fingers pointing toward the sky.
It says that it is enough to think of this picture to dissolve instantaneously all sense of fear, having a powerful calming effect on even the green body; Amoghasiddhi chairs the path leading to overcome the fear.

He is also the Buddha of the action and we therefore view it as the Tathagata that inspires a strong Yang energy, which spontaneously bodhichitta practice to implement the supreme compassion, his element is wind, and his chakra is the base.

Amoghasiddhi Dharma is the envy and jealousy that turns into wisdom realized: he is the head of the Karma family and its symbol is the vajra or double-cross, the vajra is the simple powerful lightning that can pierce anything that bears this cross-power doubled.

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