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Astral Travel Obe Warnings 

We come now to the actual techniques which, if carefully, allow to those who cultivate a balanced desire to learn to travel in the Astral without danger of any kind, whether physiological or of impossessazione. We will explain these techniques very simply, so that they are understandable to anyone and practical application. To experiment with splitting, you first have plenty of time, without being bound by time, you have to be in perfect health, and not be disturbed by anything or anyone, so you must choose a quiet place, the ideal is to be alone or , at least, have someone at home to answer the phone if necessary - even better is remove the line, to avoid being disturbed by the ring - or going to open the door when someone knocks.

It is therefore necessary to plan that no one can come to us that day. It is therefore necessary to direct the bed, with the aid of a compass, north-south axis, with the head to the north, in order to be helped by the magnetic lines of the Earth, it will simplify the work. In a different position would run the risk of having problems during its output. For the body, the astral plane, becomes lighter than a feather light, so sensitive to any influence. A current or energy contrary side could, for example, move in a manner not easily controllable. The experiment must be done in the dark, in complete darkness, because the light is not absolutely need to see, as we see with our physical senses, therefore, it is better not to be crossed by rays of light, in order to reduce it to least every external physical pressure. It would be good to have a brightness equal to zero, but this is impossible since you can not completely cancel the infrared and the same heat of the body, on the other hand, is the physical body that comes the pressure to be used to make us shoot out. It is recommended, especially at first, to do the experiment in a room completely isolated, with no people present. You run the risk of scaring them, even if aware of what is going to happen.

You do not sleep well that people close to those who practice the experiment of splitting, in fact the body is located inside a physical body is much denser than the other body close, split, this can create an interplay of energies completely different between them. Outside the body has a tendency to be attracted to the inside and tend to lose force, of course, with harmful consequences. In case of people nearby, when it makes the duplication, you should, in any case, maintain a distance of about two meters, then if that person has a fever or is unwell, the distance must be increased and, in the case of a woman menstruation, the distance should not be less than 4.5 meters, however, for the avoidance of doubt, you expect to be alone for your exercises, and accept any people in the same room at the distance indicated, only if they are prepared about it. Please be aware that this is also true with your neighbors, whose apartment is divided by a wall from your only, in fact, the walls of division are certainly not a barrier to the astral.

If your bed rests on the same wall where the bed next to her, it is clear that you are even in aura aura: groped a split in these conditions can be dangerous. In such a case, would definitely recommend it to a different location of your couch. During an astral journey should not take on metallic objects (rings, watches, chains, etc.), because they can vary the energy state of the person: just a chain around his neck to disturb much. You must keep light meals earlier in the splitting, it is good to eat white rice or drink tea, you need to drink a little, however, would be very fast for at least 14 hours. Upon awakening, after a split, you will have very thirsty, as it undergoes severe dehydration and a loss of minerals. Before you drink in small sips, it is advisable to suck a few grains of sea salt.
During the experiment will feel cold, so the room should be well heated, and should not be kept in the room even animals, because they are seriously damaged or may even go crazy. The most dangerous are the cats, very sensitive to the astral, which could pounce with their sharp claws on the body lying.

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