Magic circle


Names magic circle of power and holy water

From time immemorial, the researchers of the occult, have sought defense systems against attacks of negative entities.

The circle is the basis of them, as symbolizing "everything" exists, indoors, nobody, not even a god can them cross the limits without paying a high price.

The circle can be drawn, or path, with flour, salt, gypsum, or embroidered on cloth, the important thing is that nothing will stop the limits marked out, otherwise the decay of the same.

Around it can be traced the "names of power," sacred names belonging to religious or philosophical practitioner, names of god, angels.

Holy water has always been important throughout the traditions of any religious tradition, Western or Eastern, for it is to symbolize the unconscious, the spirits of the sea from which we all, which added to the salt and blessed, not even by a priest , spiritually cleanse any place or person, with which it hits.


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