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We first borrowed dall'astronautica the example of the suit and cord: traveling to split is a bit 'as from Earth and fly to the moon in a size that can remember some aspects of the original one but you still presents as very new, responding to different laws and asking you to develop new sensitivity. In addition to the value of human experience, looking for adventure in the search of a broader knowledge, it is a condition that asks the thought of those who live an appropriate adaptability. The astral plane is often referred to as the realm of illusion, or something similar, not because it is, in itself, the more unrealistic the physical plane. but because of the wide variety of subjective impressions that the investigator can feel inexperienced. This is due to two fundamental aspects.

In the first place, is due to the fact that many of the inhabitants of the astral plane have a wonderful power to change shape, or better. to be seen as we want or imagine to see them: remember the example of gnomes, elves and goblins? Secondly, the visual perception on the astral plane is very different, and much more extended, compared to that on the physical plane. Outside, on the floor, you have a completely different perception than with an ordinary knowledge, we are accustomed to consider. On the astral plane you do not see with your eyes, but you feel virtually any part of himself.

During astral travel, maintaining the image of our physical body is, especially during the first experiments, just to continue to have a psychological bond with his material body. This is both out of habit and to avoid the possible fears, in fact, does not really matter to keep the idea of our physical form, after the split. In the astral, you can pass through objects, all the faces of a body can be seen at the same time, including the hidden ones. Even the colors take on different tones and shades on this plane there are no more problems of size and space ... The astral sight are clearly discernible infrared, ultraviolet and other wavebands still scientifically not encrypted. With practice, you will be able to obtain both the telescopic sight, and the microscopic, you can transpose the senses, as is sometimes done in hypnosis - you can, for example, bring a subject to do with your fingers - or develop capacity of a 360 ° view.

So, take advantage of all the potential that already expresses the physical dimension, but without all the limitations - and they are many - that the physicality imposes on us. We're talking about, remember always, astral travel not only won the first time, but also astral travel long practiced with humility and perseverance. The thin part that leaves us is a point of attention-perception can change the ratio of the measures of things. It can happen to occur phenomena microsdoppiamento, splitting in the small. It can, for example, happen to be near a golden road, very long, which sometimes vibrates and moves. In the end it turns out that this road was the hand of a wristwatch. As a point of attention of the infinitely small, there was no reference usual dimensioned to our form and, therefore, a corner. a grain, a piece of curtain can become a spider's web is immense.

If we nell'immensamente great, we will also reference points for that dimension, then participate in other aspects of reality that we must learn to recognize when performing this kind of experiment. Then there are also the worlds intermediate or intermediate sizes, to explore extraordinary, it is therefore necessary, first, to learn to have points of reference for the use of their senses, while the other will need to be able to remember. Then, when the split. occurring phenomena telescopic sight distance is relative because, as there is no eye that needs to be focused on, does not really matter if we're looking at something that is far as the tip of the nose or something that is thousands of miles away. In the case of telescopic sight may, however, exist problems as regards the fields of perception. When using a telescopic sight, sometimes the fields of vision overlap; imagine then to see the slides superimposed with one another.

During the splitting, we can approach roads temporally different, certain events may be experienced as compared to our prospecting time, forward or backward in time, a few hours or a few days. So, when we are not being linked to the physical body, in a state of split, it may be that we remember the events that will happen in three days, this is when we explain why we have premonitions: these events are collected during the splitting instinctive dream, then the fact of seeing, during astral travel, the reality with a bright color or white in color, depending on how you perceive people. The perception through the colors is a way of trying to feel the frequencies, wavelengths coming from this plane of existence, we have so little known.

During the splitting, while seeing the colors in a different way compared to how he sees them on the physical plane, our minds tend to translate them into physical perception with which we normally recognize them. Imagine a painter should paint a countryside when they have only white and black. Will, then. in the condition of having to use just these two colors in such a way as to make, as far as possible, I'idea of what exists. When we are on the astral plane it's the same phenomenon: there's very particular feelings that need to be transformed into something comprehensible to our minds. Sometimes it can happen that the colors in the split are completely confused. However, when the split is complete, the mind learns to develop new data, learns to perceive. to know and recognize in an orderly and intelligent unusual sensations, so the colors in their new dimension, are gradually encoded according to a defined and expanded. Without progressive experimentation is not possible to accept our minds the concepts of perception that are outside of our physical plane.

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