famous aphorisms

famous aphorisms


  • To be mentally healthy you have to cross many follies
  • Meditation is the only temple where, when you enter, you're really in a temple
  • Happiness is an inner surface, is an awakening of your energy, it is an awakening of your soul
  • If you penetrate deeply into a problem, you will arrive at the solution. The solution is hidden in the problem, he's never outside.
  • Life is a wonderful gift to try to live it intensely without marring even a moment. Only then you will understand the taste of your every action is good or bad!

 Oscar Wilde

  • Experience is the hardest kind of teacher. Before you do the exam, then you explain the lesson.
  • The woman who can not make her mistakes charming, it's only a girl.
  • Who sees a difference between spirit and body have neither the one nor the other.
  • Those who have much are often greedy.
  • The one who turns to look at his past, does not deserve to have a future ahead of him.
  • Give me a mask and tell you the truth.


  • Give someone you love wings to fly, to return to the roots and reasons to stay ....
  • My suggestion or advice is very simple and that is to have a sincere heart.
  • The ego exists even if you can not identify it.
  • All living creatures, from insects, wants to be happy and do not want to suffer. However, while each of us is an individual, the others are infinite in number. It clearly follows that it is more important to the happiness of others of your own.
  • No one is born under an unlucky star, there are men who look bad if anything the sky.
  • There is no way to peace, Peace is the Way.
  • Through harmony, friendship and mutual respect, we can solve many problems in the right way, without difficulty.
  • We are all human beings and, from this point of view, we are equal. We all want happiness and do not want to suffer. If we consider this fact, we find that there are differences between people of different faith, race, color, culture. We all have this common feeling of happiness.
  • We must learn the rules, in order to break them properly.
  • The real discipline is not imposed. Can only come from within ourselves.
  • Unlike the external enemy, the enemy within can not collect new forces elanciare a new attack once it has been destroyed within us.
  • What really moves our life is happiness.
  • Travel in many parts of the world and when I talk to people I do it as if I were a member of their family. Each section as a friend, even if it's the first time we meet. In fact we already know deeply, as human beings who share the same goals: we all aspire to happiness and suffering shrink.
  • To achieve happiness and achieve personal fulfillment is essential to know how to give and receive love.
  • Sometimes it creates a powerful impression by saying something, and sometimes creates as significant an impression by keeping silent.
  • There are two days a year in which you can not do anything: one is called YESTERDAY, the other is called TOMORROW. So TODAY is the day for LOVE, BELIEVE, DO, and, mainly, LIVING.
  • Decisions are a way to define themselves. They are tools to give life and meaning to dreams. They are tools to make us what we want.
  • We live very close. So our purpose in life is to help others. And if you can not help, at least do not harm them.
  • We have a saying in Tibet: "If you get mad and angry, the nocchie Bite". It means that if you do not show anger mounted in the other. Say rather, to yourself, "Forget it".
  • The clay is necessary to model a vase. But its use depends on the internal void that you can create.


  • The separation of forces of thinking, feeling and will, if it makes you not following the rules of discipline, a threefold error of judgment.
  • Man turns the Earth into it by transferring what they learned in the spirit world, and this is his task.
  • The person feels united spiritually evolved spiritual object of his separation, as if it were inside of it.
  • If the disciple wants to avoid becoming a dreamer or a visionary, should not impoverish his life on a physical level, but enrich it, as it enriches those who instead of using his legs he uses the train to travel a certain route.
  • Secure access to the upper world is passing through the knowledge of themselves.
  • This is the release: stop looking at things from their point of view.
  • The action most modest, the smallest gesture have their importance in the universe: you just need to be aware of.
  • A virtue that requires efforts to be followed has no value for the secret school.
  • There is only one way to get rid of its defects and weaknesses: recognize them honestly.

Bernnie Glassman

  • There are many different paths, different paths, what really matters is if you practice or if we're toying. Practice really means letting go of the self.
  • If you envy someone else does not appreciate enough ourselves.
  • When we eliminate the concepts, nothing remains. But we can also consider the emptiness without deleting anything. We can see everything as it is instead of his concept. The concept is not the thing. If we get rid of all our concepts and our ideas of all what is left? The world as it is, is the meaning of emptiness.


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