Celtic Runes....sources of magical power!

Celtic rune futhark

rune-celtiche-futharkThe runes will probably come from a writing group belonging to the five main varieties of Northern Italic alphabet, derived from the alphabet Etruscan, and therefore called "North Etruscan". This alphabet is known only from inscriptions which were discovered in the Alps and the Alps. The Scandinavian tradition attributes to the domain of Odin runes, such magical sources of all power and knowledge.

 The Maya and 2012

2012 fine del mondo21 December 2012 is the date of the Gregorian calendar in the Maya prophecies which, according to some you should check out an event, and the imprecise nature of global proportions, capable of producing significant historical discontinuity with the past: a radical transformation of humanity in some way spiritual or the end of the world. The expected event is temporally linked to the end of one cycle of the Maya calendar.

Chakra. The seven energy centers of the human body

i chakraThe chakras are human strengths (or centers), sometimes associated with major nerve ganglia that branch from the spine or physical organs, among which would move variously defined energy (Prana) and their knowledge is transmitted from many systems of Yoga, different traditions in the Hindu, Buddhist. Many traditions agree that the energy chakras act as valves.


TantraTantra is a set of practices, rituals, magickal and mystical, which eliminates the veil of appearances to reach the light sensitive and liberating, joining the gods, the individual is brought back to its source absolute. Tantra is not only a school of thought and meditative asceticism is also a practical doctrine, with exercises and physical postures, breathing techniques etc.. that lead to perfection and physical immortality.

Yoga and meditation

Yoga meditazioneMeditation is, in general, the practice of concentrating the mind on one or more objects, images, thoughts (or sometimes on anything) to do religious, spiritual, philosophical or simply improving their physical conditions. Several studies conducted since 1970 on a specific technique, Transcendental Meditation Yoga, have shown its efficacy in decreasing anxiety and stress and improving health.


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